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i know it not a VC games but anyone can tell me a bit about that game with a future release announced recently. Heard it was great and that it got awesome graphics for the time.



it's trial and error hard. thats what i remember.

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You go through levels, no progression. At the end of each you received a password for the next one (games didn't save back at that time).
It's hard, at the beginning. I hope the controls get adjusted enough.
Story is fun, puzzles are from that era of gaming so expect some challenge.
Graphics didn't change that much, google the original screenshots and look for yourself, they've just polished them.

It's a great game, not for nothing people who played it in the old 385 PC have good memories of it. Myself included.



If you end up fishing for more on it, it has a spiritual sequel from the same group of people called Flashback which was on PC, SNES and a bunch of other systems/computers too. Another World (Out of This World) has been made and remade so many times, most recently with HD visuals and an easier mode to it for tablets and other stuff. Maybe this simpler mode will turn up.

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