Topic: An arcade game is coming to the 3DS eShop according to the ESRB (Ninja Gaiden to be exact)

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ESRB lists the arcade version of Ninja Gaiden under both the Wii (which has obviously already been out for a while) and 3DS. If this true, then I guess that means Virtual Console Arcade is coming to the 3DS eShop.

ESRB also has Ninja Gaiden II & III for NES listed under both Wii and 3DS, which would make those the first 3rd party NES games on the eShop VC.


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Never played any of the classic Ninja Gaidens, so I'd definately get this if true.


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Miss_Rarity wrote:

I hope that's not this week's game. I also don't like how we have to buy the game twice.

You don't have to get it twice. You just got to pay again if you really want it on 3DS too.

Me, I'd be happy with my Wii VC purchase if the same game was made for sale on 3DS VC too.

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cheetahman91 wrote:

Didn't really care too much for the arcade Ninja Gaiden. Felt like a pretty sub-par beatemup.

Can it be worse than the SMS Ninja Gaiden? While it's a platformer, I hear it's almost insultingly easy compared to the NES game. (probably not canon either, because Sega made it and not Tecmo.)



I think it was just a typo. A lot of NES games were teased at E3 2010 behind closed doors, and the NG series could have been a few of them (I know Twinbee and Mega Man were there), so I bet they were rated for NES on the 3DS instead. Never played the game, so I will download this just to have a nice action game on the go.

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We did get the TwinBee game as a 3D Classic port of the Famicom version.
Though some (many?) might question why Urban Champion was chosen for a 3D Classics port over the other games they could've done.



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