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This game got a bad score everywhere and I am undecided about buying it... if you already got this game please give your impressions! The same happens with Tennis game...

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It's not that great. Just a basic Breakout clone with Mario characters thrown in as bonus stages. The first time I played it, I got bored rather quickly.

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I love Breakout..and Alleyway!'s the type of game i play,when waiting for the bus,or on a lunch break!
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I had the cartridge for this game originally and got rid of it as fast as I could. It's really tedious, and in desperate need of music. The only fond memory I have is the bonus stages.

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Its a nice game to play when you are waiting for a bus or just want something to do to kill time. I usually play it while I am waiting for the bus. But if you are looking for something a bit more than you can just pass on this title.

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I thought Alleyway was too slow and basic for my liking.

Kirby's Block Ball is the best of the breakout genre. Get that.

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If you like Breakout/Arkanoid type games it's pretty fun at least for that cheap price. I have a real cart of it and while it does rotate the maps after a few stages it makes them harder each time to make the challenge stick and grow as you go along.

Kirby's Block Ball coming next year though has a lot more maps and styles to it, it's the better of the two but Alleyway is fine.

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Bass_X0 wrote:

I thought Alleyway was too slow and basic for my liking.

Kirby's Block Ball is the best of the breakout genre. Get that.

Jardinains is better

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I like Alleyway but I don't LOVE it. It's very, very basic. Basically if it weren't for the Nintendo references, it would probably be pretty mediocre. Every now and again, though, it's fun to play through a stage or two to kill 10 minutes.

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Alleyway is a ok game. If you just want to break some blocks on the go then this is good at what it does and does add some (keyword: SOME) quirks over Grandpa Block Breaking Game, Breakout. If you want a game that has more than 1 thing to do in it then get AlphaBounce or wait until Kirby's Block Ball comes out.

And yes I have it. Talk about an impulse buy.

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