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Well, it's out in Japan, and I own it, so...

As you might've guessed, it's a port of this, so read that if you want to understand the gameplay. The graphics have not been redone, so the screen is zoomed in quite a bit, which means it'll scroll up and down as you move in those directions. The level layouts thankfully lack high-to-low platform jumps, so there won't be any blind jumps, but the inability to see far in any direction hampers the game a bit.
The game has been severely shortened - roughly half the levels are gone, the map screen is absent, and the semi-randomized level order system is lacking, so you'll just play through all the levels in order. The NES original had an extreme amount of levels, though, so this is still a pretty long adventure, with 4-5 levels per island, and 8 islands in total.
It's a good game in it's own right, but pales in comparison to the NES original, so if you have access to that (it's on the Wii VC in Europe and Japan), it's hard to recommend this. If it pops up on the American 3DS VC before the original appears on the Wii one, it should be worth considering, though.

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And now its out in America too. Anyone getting it?

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I'll be getting it. I'm always a sucker for platformers.
This is awesome! I never owned this many Gameboy games in my life.
Yay for retro goodies!

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I love it. Back in the day when the original game was released on the NES and then the Gameboy, I thought the graphics (and ads, at the time) for the game were a little childish and freaky looking, so I never played it lol Now I'm glad I downloaded it. It's a great little game, great graphics and levels. The game is a little on the 'easy' side, but I still find it to be enjoyable gaming

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