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So this maybe stupid but does anyone think that VC games (especially ports of old arcade game) would improve from this upcoming attachment for the 3DS XL?
I keep thinking about this and it seems like it would be really fun to use! so many arcade machines used a big joy, while the stick seems a bit thick and the buttons so close and small it might not turn out good, but I tell you there would be games I want to try with it like Pac man, Donkey Kong, etc! while there is a few new fighters that can use this like a arcade machine I would say that old VC games can benefit more and seem like a mini arcade machine! what do you guys think?


Morphbug wrote:

it reminds me so much of this thing I had as a kid, I guess that's why I like it

"Multi-function Booster Pack for enhanced gameplay.
Magnifies play area by 40% with dual screen lights.
Sound booster with twin stereo speakers.
Jostick with enlarged fire buttons."

All seems good I guess, probably would close together good unlike having that big stick pointing out... Untitled


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