Topic: 3DS Virtual Console games missing between regions

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Hanjuku Hero, a Square RTS.
Still disappointed they blew their chance to release it in the west, was one of the first DS games announced, Egg Monster Heroes.



KawaiiTaikoDrum wrote:

Sucks that the 3DS Virtual Console in the US is dying.

Even Japan's been slow recently though.

KawaiiTaikoDrum wrote:

Star Soldier for NA

I was just about to add this.


EU gets Donkey Kong

I just noticed that there's now only 3 3DS VC games that Europe has that North America doesn't (Blaster Master, City Connection, and Trip World), only 1 that NA has that EU doesn't that EU got originally (Mario Golf) and only two that NA and EU both have that Japan still doesn't but they're actually likely to get (Sonic 1 GG and Ninja Gaiden II).


MrSRArter wrote:

NA gets City Connection, now there's only two games that Europe has that NA doesn't, Blaster Master and Trip World.

Trip World is unlikely.

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I hope there will be some surprises tomorrow.

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The game for both the 3DS VC and Wii U VC in EU this week never came there originally.

On the 3DS VC, Europe gets Crash'n The Boys Street Challenge

On the Wii U VC, Europe gets Uncharted Waters: New Horizons


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