Topic: 3DS Virtual Console games missing between regions

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I don't think the original game has any kind of multiplayer, so getting Revelations: The Demon Slayer in Eustralica sure would be nice.

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Well, technically released this week but announced last week (as is typical of Japan).



KingMike wrote:

Well, technically released this week but announced last week (as is typical of Japan).

You're right on this one.

Also, NA doesn't seem to be getting any VC on 3DS this week, at least we get Yumi's Odd Oddesy.


Japan surprises you all by getting Super Donkey Kong GB (the western Donkey Kong Land 1. Confusingly DKL2 was DKL in Japan.)
Now it's likely we get to watch Japan get the colorized version of DKL3 while the west gets the monochrome.

I'm sure the 3DS release is going to keep its self-aware plotline of K. Rool stealing the Banana Horde so the Kongs can rescue it again on (a virtual) Game Boy to "prove" that DKC didn't sell solely because of its graphics.

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Here's hoping Mega Man V is first out the gate. It deserves it.

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I wonder if we'll get the start of the NES trilogy (from what I understand, the first NES game was a compilation of levels from the Eggerland games), and also will we get the final game (because the Wii didn't for some reason).
Would also be nice to get the Game Boy Lolo (I got a physical copy of the JP version. I've heard the EU version is better but it's even harder to come by. I only ever saw it regularly listed on ebay Germany, by sellers only offering to ship to the EU).



NA gets nothing this week.

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Neko_Chan wrote:

NA gets nothing this week.


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