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Hey everyone,
I have been wondering if Nintendo's 3DS VC are targetting much more the gaming generations of the older systems (GB, NES, GG) or allowing the younger generations to discover the old games. Personally, I have purchased a 3DS with the main intention of being capable of playing my old Game Boy games such as Super Mario Land 2 : 6 Golden Coins. I don't think that the young ones are being interested in playing games that are in black and white when you get to have awesome games in 3D. So is the Virtual Console for the old gamers or the new ones?
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VC thrives primarily on Nostalgia but I guess there is also a few younger people than use it, if they offered games from more recent systems such as GBA I think more younger gamers would be interested in the VC

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They're for anyone who wants to play them. It's smart of Nintendo to drag out its old games as downloads and make money off of them.

Buying a 3DS to play GB games seems a bit odd, though. Why not just buy a Game Boy Advance SP? It's backlit and has access to every gameboy game ever made. It's more portable than the 3DS and a good deal less expensive (I got one used last year for $40).

I bought a 3DS to play 3DS games. The fact that I can play all of my DS games and can download several excellent classics from older consoles makes it even better, of course, but there are cheaper alternatives if you just want a retro gaming fix.

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I'm a younger player and i love the vc console games, but that's probably because i grew up watching black and white movies so it's natural i would get into black and white video games.

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Depends on the interests of each player. I think primarily the old crowd is the intended target, however the younger crowd may want to enjoy these titles as well. I will say both :)

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