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like on 3ds sound when you first start it up, the screen with the music (only if you have a SD card with mp3,not the sounds) like i LOVE music and im sure so do other players! so if you could play the music even in 3ds games (not in sound in the 3ds game) cuz i want to listen to mp3 while playin my pokemon Y sounds cool right? :/ :) ;)

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op is kinda confusing...
btw what has this to do with the virtual console??

i dont understand why developers don't try to implement the feature of listening to mp3s while you play games. i loved that feature on the original xbox. playing sega gt 2002 to my favourite music. good times :D

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Talking about sound i'd loved if Nintendo had putted the opening screen of the GB on the 3DS VC.




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I'd love to be able to play my own musinc while playing some games!!!!!
though there are games like Paper Mario Sticker Star and Fire Emblem Awakening with music so good that I wouldn't use this feature! XD

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