Topic: Zelda: A Link Between Worlds can potentially destroy the Zelda Timeline!

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Erica_Hartmann wrote:

LzQuacker wrote:

This game can potentially create FOUR time lines. Oh let's watch the world burn!

And then Zelda Wii U creates a 5th. xD

This is heavy doc..........

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I don't think it will create another timeline because Ocarina of Time broke it because throughout the story Link traveled back, anf forth through time. Going forward didn't do anything (because going forward means napping for seven years) but coming back causes problems, and Zelda foolishly returning Link BEFORE he drew the master sword messed everything up.

So I conclude if there isn't time travel Zelda fans can rest easy that they won't get a headaches peacing together the broken jigsaw puzzle of Hyrule's screwed up timeline.

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I would love if this game's story is actually about the destruction of the timeline, and thus the entire universe.

oh that's not what this is about? Ok...

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