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mariofanatic128 wrote:

I hope they go with Toon as I love the art style in Wind waker.

This. It'd be nice to see one that isn't top-down view.


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I want the Skyward Sword Link.

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I'd hope for the Wind Waker style too as it was like bringing the Link to the Past era to life with a twist. Shame the DS games were pretty bad with the forced touch control that was sketchy and the backtrack dungeon from hell in the first of them. I'd love to have a portable Zelda in that style.

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i am kind of tired of the toon link on handhelds after 'spirit tracks'; at times those eyes of his just freaked me out.

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how bout adult toon link? that could be interesting



Adult link from TP or SS

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Or gasp a NEW one! What are the odds of THAT craziness!?

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I hope they use Adult Link, but i know there gonna use toon. Oh, and adult toon Link is skyward sword Link.

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Popyman wrote:

Or gasp a NEW one! What are the odds of THAT craziness!?

Was just about to say that!

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I would enjoy a game like Minish Cap but with a slightly older Link. Maybe like teen Link

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I think it'll be young Link in the Ocarina 3D style. Maybe not the exact same design, but something similar. I doubt it'll be toon Link, since that model has already been established in the Phantom Hourglass / Spirit Tracks line, which I believe Zelda 3DS has been confirmed to not be directly related to. And I doubt it'll be an adult Link since the last two major entries in the series have featured him. Time to go back to young Link, I'd figure.

Nintendo6400 wrote:

I hope they use Adult Link, but i know there gonna use toon. Oh, and adult toon Link is skyward sword Link.

Naw. Skyward Sword Link isn't related to Toon Link. Skyward Sword's art style is distinct from Wind Waker. The physical design of Link is much closer to Twilight Princess's, albeit realized with a different aesthetic.

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Toon Link should be done with.




Adult link with that art style. Make it happen nintendo.

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I'd like the same style Link that is in Skyward Sword.

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