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Guovssohas wrote:

The only complaint i had with this fantastic game was the difficulty, it's too easy. The puzzles & dungeons were just too simple. Other than that it is a really really good game.

Aren't most modern Zelda games arguably a bit too easy?

It's not really a problem unique to this one. Also, I wouldn't call some of the sidequests easy, like that cucoo dodging game.

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How to win the Treacherous Tower:

Upgraded Tornado Rod then Great Spin, both which you get from Mother Maiamai.
I barely lost any hearts.

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Kewlan wrote:

How to win the Treacherous Tower:

Upgraded Tornado Rod then Great Spin, both which you get from Mother Maiamai.
I barely lost any hearts.

upgraded tornado rod is probaly the best weapon for fighting. I beat some really hard Shadow Links using it.

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What I don't like about Zelda Games generally, and it holds true also for Link Between Worlds (as far as my own preferences go) is the confusing nature of the over-world... reminds me a lot (or vice versa) of the over-world in Thief (2014)...I think in respect of how the paths through the over-world are designed they're extremely similar. I guess if I had to I could outline the advantages of that kind of design but, for's just really feels like you're being sent around in circles.

At least with Link Between Worlds, that's so far been true only of the the over-world and not the dungeons (unlike some earlier Zelda handhelds).

I'm getting the hang of using fast travel to circumvent the maze of the open-world but stuff like, how to lift the large boulders (if indeed you can) or how to get the limpets (or whatever they are) from the tops of trees etc. is still absolutely lost to me (I find checking on-line walk-throughs really demotivating to the point of wanting just to abandon a game (if I have to check them extensively) may have to pick up the strategy guide.)

It might be interesting to see re-makes of the earlier Zelda handhelds but with the edition of "picture-link" wall-walking ability to circumnavigate the long and confusing circular systems in the earlier games.

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@SuperPaperLuigi I have to admit that ALBW was the only zelda game I played which I really managed to enjoy exploring. in OOT I got lost every half minute, and though in ALBW you need to explore in order to advnace (like finding a secret pass with your wall walking or get to a specipic house which grants you the ability to pick up stones) I just got into it. it can still get annoying at certain points, but it was nothing like the frustration I got from OOT. I thought about getting MM at some point, but decided I wont be able to finish it XD



Just finished Link Between Worlds, and I have to say I really enjoyed the dungeons (just not the confusing (and for me, frustrating) over-world, and the boss fights were great, although a better indication of the rate of deterioration of the health of the bosses would, for me, have enhanced things. The boss fights seemed to take too long with the weapons just feeling under-powered. Like they weren't really having that much of an effect and then, suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, the fight's over.

I even ended up liking the Wallmaster.

Having played without using a walkthrough, I still have a blank space on my equipment screen (for speed boots?). In hindsight I'm guessing I would needed to have tried the racing mini-game to get them? I didn't even attempt it because, due to the character dialogue, I didn't think I had the right equipment yet.

And still have no idea how to get the Maiamai's from the tops of the trees etc. No info. in-game on that as far as I could tell.

Also, some points on the map seem to have invisible Maiamai's. I found the ones under the small stones, large stones and slabs and the one that needed the sand-rod, but some of them seem to be calling from nowhere or from inside trees...maybe they're in the adjescent area but...I searched and could not far as I can tell they may as well be invisible.

@VoltageX I know, I didn't play Ocarina on the N64 because the colours were so drab that in combination with the style/difficulty of the design, I personally found it demotivating to the point that it was unplayable for me (like being lost in a confusing and impossible, dark and murky world (basically too much like life for me to enjoy)). However I did play it to completion on 3DS and I have to admit I didn't hold onto it...not a keeper as far as my personal preferences are concerned. I keep thinking I should try Majora's Mask, as it sounds like they twisted it into something that would be more interesting for me but if the core design-philosophies are the same as Ocarina I just know I won't enjoy it...

...if it gets a modern sequel then there's no question I'd play it but, for now, my experience of Ocarina is enough to put me off of trying it.

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Any chance of this game coming to Nintendo Selects?

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