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Really enjoying it so far. The wall merging is particularly fun. I got stuck on probably the easiest puzzle ever in Eastern Palace, but I won't divulge in my stupidity for now.

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Blast! I had to be at work and have no one else in the house when it was being delivered. Collectors edition was to big to fit through the letter box, the poster got delivered separately, surprisingly though.

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I'm impressed so far. The graphics are lovely and crisp and the 3D is excellent. It also plays very, very smoothly. I've completed the first dungeon and have just been exploring Hyrule.



Eh going to wait hating till January for this. Just don't have the money coupled with needing to kill my 3ds backlog..


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I need to hold back, I've already beaten the first 3 dungeons and Hyrule Castle, must.... Resist...

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This game is too dang amazing so far, it pains me to put it down but I had a few things to say:
Is anyone else's game case cover flipable in NA because mine is not (as shown in this pic)
Yuga the villain is a guy that looks like a old woman
Majora's mask is in Links house...with Ganon coming back let's make more hell by involving Majora and the moon (guess it points out a remake)
Do you need to know all about ALTTP to understand this game?


@Undead_Terror neither is mine, but I prefer the shiny cover :3

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@Undead_terror: Look at the rating and you'd understand why. It's European only.

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I got this for myself as a birthday present and I am loving it to death!!!!!!!! The 3D is unbelievable some of the best on the 3DS period, music is astounding look everyone has said. I pounded through the first dungeon and I think I'll explore Hyrule a bit before tacking the 2nd and 3rd

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What a concert!
OoT, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Links Awakening, Spirit Tracks, Skyward Sword all played.

And 20 Shadow Links to go home and fight.
Only about 55 streetpasses though. Got there later then I planned.




Omg, I am loving this game. I haven't been this thrilled with a new Zelda since OoT came out on N64. So did anyone else get goosebumps with that title screen nod to A Link To The Past?

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I just dl'ed this late last night with a dl code from a friend who picked up the Zelda bundle yesterday. All I gotto play was like 5 mins but could tell jusy from those 5 mins this is going to be epic! Everything moves so fluidly!!

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I got this game yesterday night and I'm loving it! Intelligent dungeon design, fluid and smooth controls, beautiful graphics, charming characters, fantastic music. and the return of tackling dungeons in any order is a welcome return. I love this game! Anyone with a 3DS should have a copy of this game.

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Does anyone agree that it is too easy, not the combat perse but the dungeons are so easy and don't require a lot of thinking?
I have 2 dungeons left to go and 7 and a half hour in.

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Good game, but the dungeons are a walk in the park. The puzzles are so easy to understand and decipher. I've already got the Master Sword and saved 6/7 sages and I'm 10 hours in. Cmon Nintendo...

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Um... I kinda just beat it. But I would have to say it is my favorite Zelda game.

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