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I was looking at my activity Log and decided to post my most played games and wanted to know yours.

1.eShop- 6:38 (just like to broswe and watch trailers)
2. Zelda: Four Swords- 3:13
3.Elite Beat Agents 2:47
4. The incredibles: rise of the underminder 1:02
5.Internet Browser- 0:54 (while i love slidepad to navigate i only use it look at 3D screenshots)


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1) Pokemon HeartGold - 58:37
2) Ocarina of Time 3D - 25:01
3) eShop - 8:51 (I was completely unaware until just now that I had actually spent that much time on the eShop.)
4) Cave Story (DSiWare) - 4:48
5) Donkey Kong (VC) - 4:08
6) New Super Mario Bros. - 3:54
7) Pokedex 3D - 3:19
8) Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (VC) - 3:17
9) Nintendo Video - 3:08
10) Star Fox 64 3D - 3:08

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DavynD wrote:

1) Pokemon HeartGold - 58:37
2) Ocarina of Time 3D - 25:01
3) eShop - 8:51 (I was completely unaware until just now that I had actually spent that much time on the eShop.)
4) Cave Story (DSiWare) - 4:48
5) Donkey Kong (VC) - 4:08
6) New Super Mario Bros. - 3:54
7) Pokedex 3D - 3:19
8) Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (VC) - 3:17
9) Nintendo Video - 3:08
10) Star Fox 64 3D - 3:08

The eshop is stealth like that.

Also holy inferiority complex batman. I'm the sidekick in my own fantasy.


Hey check out my awesome new youtube channel shingi70 where I update weekly on the latest gaming and comic news form a level headed perspective.

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1: The World Ends With You - 56:20
2: Phoenix Wright - 13:57
3. Pilotwings Resort - 8:42
4. Zelda: Four Swords - 8:14
5. Kirby Mass Attack - 6:03
6. Super Monkey Ball 3D - 5:41
6. Legend of Zelda NES - 5:41 (hahaha)
8. Retro Game Challenge - 3:41
9. Warioware: Touched - 2:16
10. Super Mario Bros. NES - 2:06

Beyond Good and Evil 2 better be happening! In the meanwhile though, here's a fun little Let's Play of the original. Think you'll like the game if you like Zelda!

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I'm pretty sure there was a thread on this before....... but anyways, games in bold

1. Ocarina of Time 3D: 36:15
2. Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: 18:59
3. Starfox 64 3D: 11:24
4: Rayman 3D: 7:49
5. Streetpass Mii Plaza: 7:08
6. eShop: 6:53
7. Pokedex 3D. 4:38
8. Internet Browser: 3:27
9. Nintendo Video: 2:19
10. Zelda: Four Swords: 2:17

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Ocarina of time 3D 36:09

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Ocarina of Time 3D- 53:51

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Does Netflix count? Because I have an embarrassing amount of time on that...

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1, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D: 82:18
2. Super Street Fighter 4: 64:16
3. Zelda: Links Awakening DX: 29:05
4. Dead or Alive Dimensions: 29:02
5. Star Fox 64 3D: 27:16
6. eShop: 21:19
7. Steel Diver: 18:15
8. Game and Watch Gallery: 17:18
9. Xevious: 13:57
10. Nintendo 3DS Sound: 13:22

The reason why I've played over hundreds of hours is because I've had the 3DS since day 1 and it's the first console I've ever gotten on the first day. So I've been buying every good new game that comes out and have been playing them to death, because I think think 3DS is awesome.

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My number one game is Disgaea 2, with 745 hours and 26 minutes logged in

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For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Kirby95, I just changed my username.


01. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D at 68:12
I did 100% the game on both normal and Master Quest, and finished a 3-hearts run on the original mode. Going for Master Quest soon. Completed Deku Tree but stopped there because I got new VC downloads and Starfox.

02. Nintendo 3DS Sound at 15: 05
...Makes sense. I use my 3DS as a MP3 player when im out on my bike, which is like, all the time.

03. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX at 12: 48
It was my first e-shop download, so makes sense. Also a fairly long game.

04. Mario Clock at 8:54
...Surely it's got to be longer than that. I use this thing as my Alarm clock. I only got it like... last week. Does it not count the time you have the 3DS closed? Because I only slept with it open one night... Then why does my 3DS Sound have so much logged time when Im riding with it closed?

05. Zelda: Four Swords: Anniversary edition at 8: 07
Hm. Didn;t think I played it that much.

06. Donkey Kong at 7:34
seems about right. Crazy amounts of length to this game... though I did get stuck on quite a number of levels.

07. Starfox 64 3D at 6:34
I only just got it like three or four days ago. Sadly I already finished. But I still got medals to collect... even if they aren't actually possible.

08. Cave Story at 6:29
I got lost an awful lot during this game...

09. Kirby's Dreamland at 4:57
That extra mode was a killer... I had to abuse restore points on bubbly clouds. I do still occasionally do quick playthroughs of the non-extra game. It's good fun and doesn't take long, so why not?

10. Nintendo e-shop at 4:24
...They got lots of cool stuff here, videos, game previews, and the wish list system is pretty cool too. Didn't think I'd have that much time logged though.

11. Game & Watch Gallery at 4:12
Classic mode is freakin hard to get 400 points, even on easy. Still working on this.

12. Pokedex 3D at 3:25
I freakin' love this thing. But I'm eager to see the Gen 1 pokemon update they obviously will do someday.

13. Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins at 2:58
...didn't think I played this one more than the first installment.

14. Super Mario Land at 2:45
Finally beat the second quest last night after lucking out and getting 30-ish lives. I'll start playing more soon, this feels like the most faithful sequel to the original SMB ( not counting that lost levels trash. )

15. Mii Maker at 1:30
Truly Shocking.

16. Street Pass Mii Plaza at 1:24
I use all my street pass coins here after every bike ride... usually I get up to 10. I assume that's the maximum you can earn per day. I also found you can just shake you 3DS for a while just to do this... I don't have many street pass miis though... about 4 I think, counting mine. Those damn blue shielded ghosts man... when one shows up, it takes forever to get a hero in blue... or at least it did for me.

17. Magical Whip at 1:16
Difficult bubble bobble semi-clone is difficult. I haven't beaten a single dragon, and I think I managed to get up to level 40 something.

18. Nintendo Video at 1:11
...Yeah, The dreamworks stuff was alright. Blue man group is odd as usual. I liked the Gorilla feeding thing... and LOVED the mad scientist cartoon. That weird train ride was cool... but the rest was just crap I don't care about. Interesting feature though. It might be the first thing to go if I need space though.

19. Internet Browser at 1:08
...I really used this? I think I tried to see if I could watch video, learn I couldn't, then tried to see if I could draw on Temini with the touch screen, learned I couldn't, tried to read manga, learned I couldn't, and said screw this forever.

Everything else is under an hour, and are mostly just my DS games I wanted to test on the 3DS. Might be doing a full playthrough of SM64 DS though, since it's got the circle pad support. Need to get back to Pokemon though.

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Well, I decided to check my top ten, quite shocking.

1- Pokemon White ver with 45:36
2- Ocarina of Time 3D with 42:59
3- Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands with 23:41
//This one is a funny case, It actually should have much more than this. I'll explain below.
4- Nintendo eShop with 22:06
//I... It's... I have problems when it comes to window shopping
5- Nintendogs+Cats with 21:13
6- Zelda: Link's DX with 15:43
7- Ghost Trick with 13:27
//This one believes it got played for the first time in 01/01/2011 lol, battery changing fun.
8- Mario's Picross with 12:27
9- Final Fantasy IV with 9:44
//Mostly spent level grinding to finally beat the thing and move on to the PSP version.
10- Resident Evil DS with 9:40
//My brother used my 3DS to play this game for several weeks (in short sessions) so I played Harvest Moon on my old DSLite for that time, which means most of my play time wasn't registered.

Special mention: Zelda: FS with 9:17, it would be #10 if it wasn't because of my brother playing Resident evil.

Meowph, that's right!

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My unchallenged number one is, in my point of view the best game ever, Battlefield 2142 with 917 hours 58 minutes and 22 seconds. I even know the seconds because of "battlefield stats".

Number 2 is far far behind. Empire Total War, an amazing strategy game, with 503 hours.
Number 3 is Battlefield Bad Company 2, not as good as Battlefield 2142 by far, with 310 hours.
Number 4 is Left 4 Dead 2 with 133 hours.

The rest of my games should be normal time like all the others. Maybe 10 or 20 hours each game.

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since I have so many games in so many mediums, this is gonna be guesswork.

I know for a face that, before the internal save battery died, my old GB Pokemon Gold had around 450 hours, yeah, I loved that game.

I probably have over 500 something worked into both Banjo Kazooie and the original OoT over the years.

But what REALLY takes the cake is my guild wars account (which I just logged onto for the first time in months), just checked and I'm currently sitting at ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE HOURS AND FIFTY MINUTES!!! and 749 hours and 32 minutes of that was on my beastly Necromancer, man I had no idea that MMO had sucked so much of my life.... so worth it!

Back to this being the 3DS forum though, my most played game is either OoT3D or DoA:D, too lazy to get up and check at the moment, but my money is on OoT

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1. Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - 39:26 (Just finished campaign today!)
2. Mario's Picross - 19:37
3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 14:31
4. The Legend of Zelda - 9:08
5. Download Play - 8:31
6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations - 7:18
7. Advance Wars: Dark Conflict - 6:41 (My brother's game)
8. Pokédex 3D - 6:36
9. Nintendo eShop - 5:38
10. Internet Browser - 5:33

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My top 10 :
1 : Obviously Solatorobo : 40:28
2 : Ocarina of Time 3D : 19:04
3 : Okamiden : 18:19
4 : Radiant Historia : 10:36
5 : Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light : 10:14
6 : Rayman 3D : 6:07 (Funnily enough, a store gave it to me for 24h and I had to finish it in that span of time ^^)
7 : SSF4 3D : 5:17
8: Starfox 64 3D : 4:03
9 : eShop : 3:39
10 : Mii Plaza : 3:27

Haha ! Funny how Solatorobo smashed all competition for me ^^



3DS activity log
kingdom Hearts :10.17 (75hrs + game time)
Ninja Gaiden: 5.14( jus over 6 hrs game time)
Nintendo eShop:3.09
Pokedex 3D:2.56
Nintendo sound:2.30
pokemon platinum over 500+ hrs
pokemon leaf green another 500+ hrs
pokemon ermeald & sapphire bout 200+ hrs each
phantasy star zero 50 hrs +
pokemon black 50 hrs +
rune factory 3 30 -40 hrs game time
mario bros partner in time 25+ hrs
mario kart bout 30- 70 hrs
eden eternal 100+ hrs

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