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bossmank wrote:

not Steel Diver thats for sure......

I love that game, I'm not joking really I do. For me I recently got Tetris Axis and Frogger 3D. I think both are underrated and both are helped by their price point of $30 which I think other publishers could learn from. Also pre-ordered Super Mario 3D Land and the excitement for that game is driving me crazy as I wrote about on my blog here:
At this point in time not counting pre-orders or downloads I have 17 3DS game.

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I was thinking of getting star fox 64 3D but honestly I'm not that excited about it.
It's just another remake of a game I've already played.
If they wanted to impress me They'll have to make a new game in the series.

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@Link79 I wouldn't get it unless you can find it pretty cheap. Someone I know has that and the single player is so short you can beat it within an hour. And unless you have friends with 3DS's and the game, multiplayer's worthless.

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Not too excited about Tetris Axis, but i feel like I have to add it in my collection.



Another Holly Jolly Christmas Gift for the the Willy Wonka Wavester. I couldn't resist the $29. 99 CAD price tag as it went down 10 Twinkie Space dollars in price. Time to hop on the Galaxtic Foxy Sauce' Space train for some MCloud missile munchin' mahyem. Mario Kart 7 will be a christmas gift so I'm set for that.

But i wont be playing this, along with Super Mario 3D Land(most importantly!) until my 3DS gets fixed by King Koopa and his twerpy Koopalings.

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Untitled FTW.

If the 3DS has not been discontinued SM3DL and MK7 are awesome games, but if the 3DS has been discontinued Sony has taken over the world.It is not true that both Sony has taken over the world and SM3DL and MK7 are not awesome games.Therefore:Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 are...


Mario Kart 7 and Kirby's Adventure



I bought Cave Story 3DS.
It is not totally awesome.
But it' know. It's fun, because it's Cave Story, but there's a ton of missed potential here. Mario Kart 7 is, however, totally awesome. And so is Metroid II. So I'm a happy camper right now.

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tales of the Abyss
mario kart 7
super mario 3d land

btw how do you post pictures

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Mario Kart 7.
Hoping to get Pullblox tonight.


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Ace Combat Horizon Legacy

as more thrill's then anything ive ever played on my 3DS

seen in Ginger Games in liverpool £30

Best buy in long time =D

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MARIO KART 7. That game's online features are amazing.



MK7 all the way! If we're counting Eshop games, I also picked up Kirby's Dreamland last night with the sweet new ability to add exact change. My account balance is currently sitting pretty at $0.00!

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About Star Fox 64 3D: Yes, it's short, and if you ask me, over-priced at $40. But the game is meant to try and beat your score over and over. It's all about the replay value. $30 is a good price for it, if you ask me. I don't have it yet, but I plan on getting it. I have Star Fox 64 on my Wii, but all I have to play it with is a crappy third-party GameCube controller. GameStop brand. It's also the lowest rated one on their website... It's battery life is like 10 hours at the most. It's always unresponsive, but if it's about 3/4s out of battery, there is no point in trying. I honestly have never got past the fourth level. And I've only got past the third one twice.

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Picked up Mario Kart 7 today and after taking this bad boy for a few laps I have to say I am really enjoying this one alot. Hope fully this weekend I will get some time to try the online features.

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Just got Pokemon White today. I know, I know, not really a 3DS game, but between bouts of Mario Kart 7 I've been craving something more. Christmas time always makes me reminisce, and I hadn't played a Pokemon game since Silver on the GBC.



Latest digital purchase: Pushmo

Latest retail purchase: Super Mario 3D Land

Up next: Mario Kart 7, and Sonic Generations (I absolutely love the PS3/Xbox 360 version, and I hope the 3DS version is just as good)

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This ended up blasting out of my Frosty the SnowDude stocking this Christmas. Still haven't played it yet.



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