Topic: Your Latest & Greatest Totaly AWESOME 3DS Purchase!

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I preordered EO4 months ago. Getting close to the release date...

Otherwise, I recently obtained Mega Man 2 from the eshop. Lovely game, as always.

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waiting on my copy of luigi's mansion to arrive at my house on monday (hopefully)

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Finished the Alola Dex.
Now playing Gold and Ultra Sun.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon :3

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Pretty much the same as the two before me LM:DM

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Bought the XL 2 weeks ago. Recently bought Pokemon Black 2, Fire Emblem: Awakening (though still in its shrink wrap), and MH3U.

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Bought the blue XL yesterday to replace my old aqua green launch model. And luigi and mystery dungeon as well.


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Pika 3DS, which is my intro to the 3DS/DS franchise :3



Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. It's so good...

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Luigi's Mansion:Dark Moon!

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Got Luigi's Mansion 2 yesterday



I've bought my first 3DS game (despite owning a 3DS for 4 months now!).

I picked up the XL with MK7 installed, and got the digital release of Mario Land 3D as part of the Nintendo offer, although I haven't really played either of them. What I have played is a ton of Pokemon White 2, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

I've been playing Kid Icarus (NES), as I have this OCD thing about needing to play the older stuff first, and I'll eventually get to the GB game too, so I won't actually be playing Kid Icarus Uprising for about a year, but it was going for £18 on Amazon so picked it up now. I realised I'd never actually seen any photos or videos of a 3DS cart before either, took me a little by surprise as I was expecting it to look the same as DS one.



For both of them being 10 bucks each brand new, why not bother? I tried both games and they are alright. (even though I don't really like sports games)

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