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I couldn't resist. I know I said I wouldn't buy any more new games until i finished a couple more or so Wii titles that i currently have...BUT Super Monkey Ball 3D was regular $39.99 on Amazon, and it blasted down to a trinket at $24.99 2 days ago, so i trudged forward like the Wavester' I am and nabbed myself the last copy they had.

This will be my 2nd 3DS title to add to my collection which will go nicely with PilotWings Resort. SSFIV and Nintendog's + Cats however are rotting in VideoGame Hell with everybodies favorite pink lovable Mrs.Tranny faced 'Birdo' & that big old lug King Koopa(That's his real true name, forget that new school Bowser crap) muhaha.


As far as what's released, i just need to get myself Zelda: OOT 3D, but I'll most likely get that after I purchase StarFox 64 3D on launch day.....I'm not falling behind on that one! Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus: Uprising will be pre-ordered no doubt!

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I pre-ordered Star Fox. And...erm I, uhh... .__.

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lol not too many winners to choose from at the momento....But yup! I need to pre-order me some StarFoxy as well.



Well I didn't purchase it, but BIT.TRIP SAGA has been quite entertaining this weekend. In fact, I've hardly put it down.

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I have not bought a 3DS cartridge since launch, but I'm getting Bit.Trip Saga within the first week of it coming out.

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The last game I bough was Zelda in June, but I have pre-ordered Starfox 64 3D and that will be the last retail game I get before for my Birthday in November.

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I just bought another 3DS with Tom Clancy:Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars...
For my friend Hopefully he'll let me borrow Shadow Wars, looks fun.


Dead or Alive Dimensions this game is sweet, and have less lag then SSF4

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I'm with SuperOtaku. DoA is an incredible fighting game.

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Nothing so far, but my next purchases should hopefully be Mario Kart 7, Luigi's Mansion and Need for Speed The Run (if it's any good). Unfortunately nothing has come out recently that has tickled my fancy, hopefully that'll change this Christmas/2012.

But my next purchases that aren't 3D will be the 10 NES games on Thursday.

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Finally the eShop cards are out in my region and I spent it all on Xevious, Mario land, Zelda LA and Gargoyle's quest. So far, I'm enjoying Gargoyle's quest the most, it reminds me of Castlevania and Megaman combined in an RPG. I really regret skipping this years ago, never knew what I missed.

As for future releases, Bit Trip Saga is just around the corner, so I'll get that, not to mention the 10 ambassador games out this Thursday (Nintendo is really silent about it recently, I'm getting suspicious).

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'Nuff said.


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Corbs wrote:

Well I didn't purchase it, but BIT.TRIP SAGA has been quite entertaining this weekend. In fact, I've hardly put it down.

...It's out?

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@Matillion I'm guessing he's got a review copy. It don't think its even been announced for Europe yet either.

StarFox will be my greatest 3DS purchase to date. Hopefully. I haven't been blown away by anything I've bought so far.

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DoA, huh? Banned here in Sweden as well.
Want it, but it's hard to get. But I got over it. I need to spend my money
on other games.

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Wow, I would have to say mine was DOA Dimensions, and sadly that was back in May when it was released.

Pro tip: is selling it at 20 bucks now (RE Mercenaries too), so there is no better time to pick this one up. I have actually been busy getting DS games, currently playing through Spirit Tracks and Rhythm Heaven.

I am beginning to think that my next 3DS purchase will be Super Mario 3D Land, unless I can find Steel Diver sinking below the 30 dollars mark.

And yes, the pun is intended. If people did not intend puns, then they would rephrase their statements.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.



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3D Boobs 'Nuff said.

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