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LuigiTheGreenFire wrote:

Raptor78 wrote:

@iphys the Mario Clock is a good choice, going to transfer it from my DSi. Its a clock... its a game... and its Mario!!!

I feel like doing the same, however my DSi came preinstalled with several Mario DSiWare games, so, I might want to keep them there.

You can just transfer single DSiWare games without transferring them all. Also, I've heard DSiWare that comes pre-installed actually can't be transferred to 3DS for some reason.

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plants vs zombies is my first purchase. i waited for this one. i finished it 3 or 4 times on pc, now ill keep at it on my 3ds, how nice.

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Excluding the freebies, Link's Awakening DX. I've never played this version of the game, I believe the only new features were the Game Boy Camera/Printer sections, correct?

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@ BigBluePanda
There's also a DX exclusive dungeon with Music from the original Zelda game.

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really ? i never played DX neither. i finished at least twice the original. then it means.... I MUST BUY IT !!!

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I bought the DSiWare game AlphaBounce because it's one that I considered getting for my DSi, but kept putting off getting.

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Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Zelda: Links Awakening DX.

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Oh, I think I remember reading about a new dungeon all those years ago. Thanks!

It's a joy playing through this again (from a slightly different perspective, obviously)!

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Super Mario Land. Next will probably be Link's Awakening. Or Shantae.


I purchased SML, Link's Awakening, and the free stuff. I plan to get Cave Story and a few other DSiWare games.

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Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and then Link's Awakening DX

Hey! Listen!

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thebluelight1 wrote:

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and then Link's Awakening DX

I'm wondering if I should get M vs. DK...

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Shantae. I've hardly touched the DSiWare because everything seems ridiculously priced, so I decided to splash when the eShop launched and I put £30 on straight away.

Sigourney Beaver.


I purchased DX earlier this morning and was surprised how fast it had been downloaded.

Never played Link's Awakening, but I'm really enjoying this game. Love the many many cameos of Nintendo characters. Makes me think Link is on something or dreaming lol

which could tie in with the title but I'll find out myself



I just bought my first eshop card from GS this morning so im still in the process of deciding what to get. If i dont get Dx then i'll find a random dsiware game for my waiting to buy list. Tetris Party Live or Need for Speed Nitro sounds good right about.

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I got super mario land first
then zelda, just waiting to see if they come out with any thing else this thursday n.n
but for now gonna try to beat zelda dx for the first time

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Super Mario Land easily, now I'm waiting for Kirby which should be released pretty soon since Japan already got it at launch. Does anyone know if they will make Link play work with Virtual Console? It would be crazy to release the original Pokemon games without it.

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