Topic: Your favorite 3ds so far this year!?

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So many good games have been released this year whats your GOTY 3DS so far?

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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Animal Crossing New Leaf!

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My favorite 3DS this year has got to be the upcoming Zelda 3DS. The gold plating, the Triforce, I want to buy that thing, but it's not worth the money because I already have a 3DS.

Favorite 3DS game has got to be New Leaf. I'm happy they added so much content. It is three times more fun than Wild World. I enjoy the Wi-Fi modes the most. It's fun to visit and trade with other people, as well as play games on Tortimer Island. Overall, it's a super fun game.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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Well... although I did enjoy Animal Crossing New Leaf, I've never been as excited as I was for Pokémon Y before.

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darthmawl wrote:

Shin Megami Tensei IV

Me too. It's certainly not for everybody, but I loved it. The soundtrack was great, the storyline took some unexpected twists, and more.


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The only 3DS game I've played this year, that was released this year, is Fire Emblem: Awakening, so that.

The only other game (retail) I played this year was Paper Mario: Sticker Star (which came out last year), and while good, isn't FE:A good.


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New Leaf is my most played, but it hit the wall when I reached 20 hours. I then found myself returning to Wild World. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon was great as I completed it, but since completion I have yet to return to the game. So I guess I'll go with the newest game I got which is Pokémon X.

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I-U wrote:

New Leaf is my most played, but it hit the wall when I reached 20 hours. I then found myself returning to Wild World.

why did you go back to wild world?

i havent bought a single 3DS game this year but i will get animal crossing when i have money

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This is too hard, but probably Etrian Odyssey IV, followed closely by Pokemon X. I got 10 great games just this year, though.

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Pokémon X or New Leaf.


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Pokemon X but I will give praise to Animal Crossing 3D and SMT IV 3D.

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For me it's Animal Crossing New Leaf but we'll see what Zelda LBW has to say about it later this year

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6ch6ris6 wrote:

I-U wrote:

New Leaf is my most played, but it hit the wall when I reached 20 hours. I then found myself returning to Wild World.

why did you go back to wild world?

I like Wild World's presentation and execution more than I do New Leaf's. I enjoy the fact that I can see the sky at all times in Wild World, as opposed to a limited angle, which allowed the presentation of the town to be more immersive in my opinion getting the full detail of the weather and state of time. I enjoy that I don't have to load any part of my town unless I'm going into a location, so I'm not a fan of the separation present between New Leaf's town and shopping district. I also am the most comfortable with Wild World's touch controls, and while I did adjust to New Leaf, I missed the touch controls from the moment I started New Leaf. New Leaf had too much stuff that I saw as standard being treated as unlockable town projects as well, specifically Brewster, the recycling bin and donations to Boondox.

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The Pokemon 3DS XL is my favorite 3DS of 2013.



Fire Emblem: Awakening, hands down.

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for the title I'll answer "my 3DS"
as for the question in the post I'll say Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(but that's not my final answer, it's temporary)

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X and Y obviously.

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