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I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this already. I've had a look around and haven't found one, anyway. Feel free to delete/lock/combine if I'm wrong.

I'm not asking what you WANT to be the launch line-up, I'm asking for some predictions regarding a realistic launch line-up. I'm talking in terms of games that are confirmed and will be complete by then, and a good mix of genres and publishers. Name ten, for the sake of a round number. Mine:

1) Kid Icarus Uprising - It would really surprise me if this game isn't there on day one, seeing as it was the title that formerly announced the 3DS. Plus, what would better show off the visual capabilities than flying around the sky, taking on airborne enemies, with a mix of shooting and sword attacks.

2) Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater - Lauded everywhere as the best looking game so far, I think it will be a launch title for that reason, and also because it'll show strong third party support straight off the bat.

3) Mario Kart 3DS - There has been no Mario platformer game announced, but I expect the plumber to debut alongside the console. The game looked pretty good a year ago so I would say it is near completion. The depth of vision while racing, as well as the visual impact of blooper ink impairing sight or a shell racing towards you, would be a great showcase for the 3DS. Paper Mario could take the place of this, but Kart is the bigger title so I'm going with that.

4) Madden NFL - EA will support the 3DS from the off, and I've heard this game is looking pretty good. If it's near completion, EA will get it out there.

5) Super Monkey Ball - Kind of cheating with this one, considering SEGA pretty much confirmed it. Game will utilise motion control of console, therefore showcasing another feature.

6) Resident Evil Mercenaries - While Revelations looks brilliant, it is only a quarter complete, whereas this was 70% as of the last interview with the makers. Early console games tend to have a demo-type vibe about them, which this multiplayer effort represents.

7) Ridge Racer R - Not the best looking game, but due to the inferiority compared to other games, I suspect Namco Bandai are more than willing to chuck it out there for early sales.

8) Pilotwings Resort or Steel Diver. As I said about Mercenaries, there will be a few games that aren't as fleshed out as titles that appear a year onwards into a console's life. One of these two will be Nintendo's representative of this.

9) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Surely? Would make sense. Game should be completed, considering it's a revamp, which won't take as long as building from the ground up. Plus, it will show-off how advanced the graphics are and how the 3DS can improve a home console game, which are mighty strong statements. Plus it's a big title, one of the best games ever, so will draw big sales no doubt.

10) Bomberman - An easy game to quickly build and get out there. One for the kids.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about some of these. I haven't read up on every announced game so I may have missed some that are near-guaranteed or are close to completion. But those ten are my predictions based on hunches and what I've heard here and there.

I don't think Nintendo will go with Mario Kart 3DS and Paper Mario. I think the latter will come later, spreading the franchise out.

Street Fighter IV is going to be impressive, but I get the feeling it will want to stand out rather than being one of a bunch of opening titles. Plus there's a lot of work going into it so it may not be complete.

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle definitely won't be there, considering we haven't had Spectre's Flute in UK yet. Animal Crossing will appear later, maybe even 2012, because it seems the series is getting the biggest leap it has had so far.

Nintendogs + Cats could be there, but hopefully not at the expensive or more hardcore games. I would predict it might come out a little after launch.

I expect quite a few lesser (dare I say rubbish?) games that will try to grab some early sales, but I'm not even going to bother with those.

Out of my predictions, I'd purchase Kid Icarus: Uprising, Mario Kart 3DS, Resident Evil Mercenaries and Pilotwings/Steel Diver off the bat. I'd leave Ocarina of Time until I had time to dedicate my focus entirely to it, whereas those four I could dip in and out of.

Over to you guys.

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