Topic: You wanted a Christmas release for Nintendo 3DS? Well, you may be in for a rude awakening....

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Well, it's official. It's going to be March.

Looks like a graduation present for me.

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Hmm, March and expensive. Worst nightmares confirmed!

Ah well, it should be a bit cheaper than 300 stateside, but it's pretty much inconceivable that it'll be $199.95 at this point.


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I think I always guessed it at $249.99 here in the states so the price doesn't really bother me. The March release date, if in fact that is the release date for NA, is hugely disappointing. Oh well, maybe Fallout: NV, Fable 3, and Kinect will keep my mind of it until then...

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At least it gives me an excuse to get a PS3 for Christmas.

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Guessed right on the release date, but failed pretty miserably on the price. No way it'll be $200 now. $250 seems about right, probably (man the USD is weak right now).

I still think that's too expensive, but if I absolutely can't hold out on a price drop it's nice to know that between the VC and the transfer solution I'll be able to sell off the DSi and the Lite (got for GBA games), if I need to.

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I'm not disappointed at all since I predicted this date and knew a Christmas release was unreasonable. The price was a hundred dollars more than I thought it would be, but it may or may not be a big problem down the road. My birthday is in April, so I'll try to get this as a birthday present.

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