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I was wondering how this will play on the Nintendo 3DS with the wider top screen? are DS games evenly spaced on both screens with the extra space ignored? if not will it affect the game? Quite worried about this because I have a copy of New Super Mario Bros and Yoshi's Island DS (which I've never played) put away in anticipation of the Nintendo 3DS. Thanks

edit Upon further thought I imagine even if the screens don't match that they will still be perfectly playable, it might just take a little getting used to when starting out.

and another Since I imagine the graphics will need to be upscaled to fit the higher resolution screens I see no reason why they wouldn't upscale them to match .

Quite happy with my own answers so don't loose any sleep .

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Well, as far as I remember, previous Nintendo handhelds have always had the option to scale the emulated screens to fit the new screen or have them at a 1:1 pixel ratio with borders. The latter is always the better option in my opinion.

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Thanks for the insight, nice to know .

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I imagine there will just be two black bars to the left and right of the screen.


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I'd like to see a whole new Yoshi centered game on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Yoshi's Continent!

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There is already a Yoshi`s Island 3DS? thread made by me.

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Yoshi's Planet

and also, I hope they go back to The Yoshi's Island gameplay since The DS one, was really awful

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