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Well, it's looking better even if yoshi's plastic look clashes with the background somewhat. But my fears of the game's sound track still stand. That trailer music was worse than the last and it's still a similar composition. It's a bit disheartening since no other sequel has matched the first game's spectacular OST. I will still get the game regardless, I have yet to play a sequel that matches the first game.

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This looks like it's going to be a nice and relaxing game to play after finishing off the difficult ordeal of Tropical Freeze.

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Multiplayer minigames were revealed yesterday according to Polygon.

  • Competitive and co-op multiplayer
  • Pair up for multiplayer matches with friends
  • Flutter Finish and Eggy Pop among the multiplayer modes
  • Eggy Pop: egg as many balloons as possible to rack up points within a given time
  • This is intended to be cooperative
  • Eggs spew from a central flower one at a time
  • Flutter Finish: endurance-based racing mini-game
  • Use Yoshi’s hover and hold abilities to grunt across a coin-filled sky
  • Dropping off-screen and out-of-sight is inevitable, but the player with the highest score wins
  • This is a combination of coins gained and distance traveled
  • 6 multiplayer mini-games included
  • 4 haven’t been revealed
  • Share mini-games through Download Play

And here's game details from NintendoWorldReport.

  • Move with the Circle Pad/D-pad
  • Jump with “A”
  • Shoot your egg weapons with “R”
  • First level gives you a crash course on the game’s mechanics
  • Yoshi’s transformations are all about using the gyroscope in wacky ways to get yourself through special sections of the course
  • First transformation segments feature the mine cart
  • Tilt the 3DS light/right slightly and the Yoshi-cart will roll along the rails
  • Drill sees you using the same subtle movement and mashing the A-button to break blocks in quick succession
  • Helicopter power requires a lot of precision
  • Eggdozers: gigantic eggs that have special abilities to help you in times of need
  • Mega Eggdozer can destroy concrete walls and objects that you can’t normally get past
  • Destroying objects in its path will also earn you additional 1-UPs
  • The Metal Eggdozer allows you to sink below the surface of water to grab goodies from the depths
  • As you explore the bottom of the water segments, your jumps become more buoyant so that you can reach new places
  • Yoshi can collect a Star to become invincible
  • Can walk up walls and across ceilings much like Baby Mario could way back on the SNES
  • Levels are straightforward
  • Branching paths with hidden goodies
  • Level 4-1 is “Hop ‘n’ Pop Till You Drop”
  • In this level, you have to hop on bubbles and balloons to get across large pitfall sections
  • World 5′s opening stage is “Brave the Bumpty Blizzard”
  • Bounce to high places in this level
  • First boss: try to beat Kamek by throwing eggs at buckets
  • Buckets will fall down and drop on Kamek’s head, which will weaken him
  • Second boss: Kamek transforms a bean into a killer beanstalk and you have to throw eggs at the top to stop it in its tracks
  • Collect the Smiley Flowers for secret rewards
  • If you are struggling with the game and die enough times, you will be rewarded with the Flutter Wings, which allow you to soar through the sky with an endless flutter jump
  • Can still die while using them

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Is it 60fps ? (Many places seem to think it is - did look much smoother than Kirby that looked like it was exactly the same as the WIi engine but half the framerate to me).

If it is I will preorder it.

Not played an entry for a long time which generally means I will get more enjoyment out of it. (I wish Nintendo left it longer for most of their franchises).

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Sounds promising! I will get this game, but probably not at launch. I still have Yoshi's Island DS to play before this one.

Dunno how I feel.

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Learn something new every day. I like those games. Certainly more interested in it than Kirby for the moment. (Even though I liked Kirby's Adventure - I only played it pretty recently and once you have the getting the ultra sword feeling once I don't think you can get it again just like that).

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@DreamyViridi I know right? Time sure can fly.

Well, after an infuriating miss of DK:TF, I guess I can consider this game...I am a sucker for platformers after all...

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You know I'm still looking forward to this game. Everyone on just about every major website has bashed the living hell out of this game, but I think it will end up pretty decent. I'll keep an eye on the reviews, still need Bravely Default so this might have to wait a month or so. I shall get this in the end (unless it does prove to suck hard or Kirby's new game is so amazing that it is a must play, but only then)

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Getting this game at launch would mean I'd have zero chance of getting Kirby: Triple Deluxe when it comes out... so sorry Yoshi, Kirby comes first. :/

...I'll probably wait and ask for it for my birthday in November.

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This game is looking like a 7/10 at best. The simplicity reminds me of Super Princess Peach which for me was also a 7 at best. We'll see what reviews say but after Tropical Freeze this May be just be a bit too rudimentary as far as the buttons go.



I think it actually looks pretty good. Not revolutionary, but good.


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I've actually pre-ordered the game. Looks like it'll be a lot fun. Maybe a bit on the easy side, but I liked both the original Yoshi's Island game and (I know I'm in the minority) the DS release.



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