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CapnPancakes wrote:

Ralizah wrote:

And never played the original.

You must rectify this immediately.

I also never played the original...

...but I've only ever had handheld systems...! ...the closest I can play is the GBA version...

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i've never played the original either. I am getting this one anyways.

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Ralizah wrote:

Never played the original.

What? What? Change that immediately, and you can play it as long as you have a GBA or DS Lite (there's a GBA version). And Yoshi's New Island looks like utter crap and unexciting. This is coming from someone who has played Yoshi's Island 1 and DS while enjoying both of them (the first one is much better though). I hope that I'm proven wrong, but this just looks awful.



EEEEXCIIIITE definitely excited for this game. People saying, "..oh, looks crappy..." and what not, are probably the people that said the same about A Link Between Worlds visuals at first. Many of them were eating crow afterwards.


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If you guys haven't played the original Yoshi's Island, I highly encourage you to try it out before the 3DS release. I don't care if you play the SNES or GBA version, Just as long as you guys can experience this gem. One of my personal favorites right there with RE4 and Chrono Trigger.

As for the new game, I'm really hoping the developers are keeping the goods from us just like SM3DW. Based on everything that was presented to the public, everything feels like a retread. Sure it will still be fun, but every screen shot and video I've seen just make me think NSMB (ie the handheld games that offered nothing outstandingly unique outside of reusing ideas from past games). I'll still get it though, since the lead designer also handled the original game. There's still room for hope that this game will not be bland.

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I'll buy it since 3D World proved to me that games still can blow me away even when I have low expectations. I'm not counting on this even being good, but I really hope that I'm wrong.



I wasn't a fan of the art style at first, but it looks better and better each time I see it. I hope there will be a good 3D download video for the 3DS or a demo, so we can check what it looks like in "real life". I'm sure that the depth effect will be very important in how this game looks. Gameplay looked pretty good from what I saw in a YouTube video (it had three levels), even though the person playing wasn't very skilled.



Yeah I checked and there is a 3D trailer. It's pretty crappy in quality though. I fired up the original and actually it's pretty much the same aside from the different art style and bigger shoes. I actually like the new crayon style a bit more, as I have a soft spot for paper/painting filters.



Goginho wrote:

EEEEXCIIIITE definitely excited for this game. People saying, "..oh, looks crappy..." and what not, are probably the people that said the same about A Link Between Worlds visuals at first. Many of them were eating crow afterwards.

Besides the 3D effect, I still don't think the visuals for ALBW look that good... in fact I think a lot of the dungeon designs look really dull and forgettable. (the puzzle design itself is solid, I'm just talking about the visuals). But I do think that blowing up screenshots from the 3DS's crappy resolution doesn't do the visuals any favors.



To be honest, despite the GBA version of Yoshi's Island being one of my favourite games of all time, I'm not hyped about this at all. It's not that there's anything wrong with it, but it just doesn't do anything new or interesting that I haven't seen already in the original, and it just looks like an expansion to a 19 year old game that no one asked for. I thought DS was ok, but was nowhere even close to the original. It might just be that Yoshi's Island was as close to perfection as possible to begin with

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GamecubeMan wrote:

I really hope the music isn't as bland as DS.

Agreed; it was largely forgettable and dull except for the main theme Wildlands. The Castle theme was pretty disappointing compared to the original's truly spooky theme.

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