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A new Yoshi's Island game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Wowza!

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It doesn't seem so nice though Or am I wrong ?

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Holy shoot! This is on my list of must-buys.
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Can someone please give me a link to some pics or something? I dont' get video at work.

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Art style doesn't click with me. All I can hope is that the 3D effect makes it look better than it does in 2D.

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I loved Yoshi's island advance when I was younger. Though I do wonder what the story will be. Last time they had to do some weird time-traveling shenanigans to revisit it so I don't know what they're going to do this time.



have they shown screenshots of the game? where can i see them?

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I don't know why people have a problem with the art style, it looks like an updated version of the SNES art style really. Yoshi has always had a unique graphical style, but you probably won't be able to really get it until you play the game for yourself.

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I have played all of the Yoshi island games since the N64, so I'm really excited for this.
The art style hasn't exactly clicked with me yet, but I'm sure it will happen eventually x3.

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Yoshi for the 3DS? I'M PUMPED!!! Not much of a fan of the visuals though, looks like it's emulating the feel of 3D pre rendered models. Deep down I wished they made the 2D Crayon-shaded art style similar to the SNES but I'd assume drawing new sprites would be more of a hassle anyways. I'll still be getting this never the less and I'll definitely warm up to the art just as I will warm up to LttP2's art style.

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My first thought is that I am so there. Day 1 buy if possible. I adore Yoshi's Island and will almost certainly get anything with the title.

My 2nd thought is please please please don't let them turn this into generic crap like the DS game. Yoshi hasn't had a particularly good starring game (Touch and Go was close?) in over a decade, and now he might have 2, which would be wonderful

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I hope that this is better than Yoshi's Island DS. It will be interesting to see whether this or Yarn Yoshi will turn out better.



I actually really like the way this game looks. It sort of took the art styles of the original SNES game and the N64's Yoshi's Story, and I think they came together rather nicely. Of course, non-3D footage never does any of these games justice, so we can't really judge it completely as of now.

Nonetheless. I'm SO excited! :3

Surprised we actually get two Yoshi games so close together. Yarn Yoshi looks wonderful as well

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Would it have been too much to make it 3D models?
I love yoshi Island, but I would rather see something new with yoshi.

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Huh, from the trailer, every character on screen was a 3D model.

Only background elements and eggs were 2D "drawings".

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Well at least we know this isn't being made by Artoon so it could turn out way better than the DS game.

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So far this looks like the same thing don't we get enough rehashes, I'd rather like something new in this with a fresh story, I would of thought Luigi would of been on Yoshi for year of the Luigi but ah well.

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I wonder who's working on this one, kinda figured Good Feel would be perfect, but I doubt its them now since they're doing Yarn Yoshi for the U.
Anyways yeah, no clue why everyone is complaining about the visuals...the original looked like it completely drawn with crayons, its pretty much the same here...(though think it looks like...paint, or...something, I dunno. xD)

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