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If anyone has a Fern Tee that they want to part with I'll buy for 25,000 bells.

FC: InZain86 @ 1289-8205-9817

If interested please post FC, thanks.

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Thanks for the suggestion. My reasoning for posting a new thread is due to the fact that when posting in an existing thread you've then hijacked that thread from the original poster, it's rude. If this in fact is clearly not true then please correct me about forum etiquette. If I'm wrong then maybe they need to implement a new forum tree that goes in to the Forums tab > Topic-System of interest (3DS) > Thread-Game of Interest (Animal Crossing New Leaf) > My personal thread, this is how it should be handled. Rather then having multiple people post different mini topics in a thread, it gets a little hashed if you ask me. This would also prove more efficient. But again thanks for the suggestion.



In these forums we like to have general threads where everyone can post about a given topic.

Since we don't have a forum for every single game it would get messy real fast if everyone made a separate thread for every single question/news/offer/thing in the 3DS forum. Other's threads about other games would get lost in the sea of threads about the current trendy thing and everyone would be unhappy.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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