Topic: Worth buying SSFIV3D if you have SFIV

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Am not tht fond of it so am gonna say no i only like figure mode and streetpass
Am not really in to so gonna trade it in for DOA Dimension when comes out

But if u enjoy that franchise then go for it!

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i enjoyed it a lot when it came out, still didnt got 100% and probably never will. some challenges are insane.

but it will stay in my carrying case because its always great to have a fight or two now and then.
plua the game has tons of customization for your battles. so if youre in for a quick fight, its perfect. if your confortable at home, make it lenghty.

i highly suggest to turn off the 3D mode into the game. not just the slider, but in the game settings itself. it boosts the frame rate, and the moves are much much more smooth and fast. like a real street fighter should.
the 3d effect is superb, but i prefer it fast and furious.

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It's worth it, IMO. However, DOA Dimensions will release next month, so competition is around the corner.

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I got it for £25 at game and pilotwings for £25 aswell.

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