Topic: Will there be a Metroid for 3ds?

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I am a fan of side-scrollers, so if we see Metroid on the 3DS, I would love to see them go a bit old-school in execution. I think the perfect mix would be to do it like Super Mario 3D Land. Maybe have a "fixed" camera angle, and at times, to show more depth, the camera can pan in certain ways.

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I would much rather have a 2D or 2.5D game instead of a 3d one on 3Ds, super metroid is probably my favorite metroid

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Eventually, dunno who will develop it though...its kinda blurred with Retro at the moment, then again Team Ninja did say they wouldn't mind making another Metroid. (say what you want, the game wasn't perfect but I enjoyed Other M) So I dunno, we'll see...I just hope we get a 2-D sidescroller for the 3DS, it'll be awesome.

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Yes, there probably will be a Metroid for the 3DS in due time. But games like that do take a bit longer to develop than, say, a Super Mario Bros title and the platform is still young

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I wouldn't mind if Team Ninja were allowed another crack at Metroid (I enjoyed what I played of Other M, when I rented it).

As long as Nintendo's own Sakamoto keeps the story to a minimum (let's say, at least at Super Metroid levels, at most at Fusion levels), I don't think there'd be much opposition to the idea.


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What are ya talkin' about? There's already a Metroid title on 3DS.


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Considering the re-releases of Metroid, Metroid II and Metroid Fusion (for ambassadors) on the 3DS eShop and the recent promotion of Super Metroid on the Wii U eShop, the idea of having another sidescroller Metroid release, even if new, is becoming a bit unappealing. I would love to have Metroid Prime Hunters 2 release on the 3DS instead. It's been over seven years since the original, and it would give the 3DS a quality first person adventure and multiplayer, a genre It has yet to cover.

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Due to the short nature of sidescrollers, I'd like a eShop Metroid sidescroller (preferably of a similar length to Zero Mission), and a Prime game as a retail cart. Perhaps a Prime Hunters sequel, but it needs more exploration.

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The reason there are no metroid games announced right now is because despite being great games, they don't sell that well.(Though, metroid prime was second best selling game on gamecube behing SSBM)

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Let hope so. Its been far to long since we had a handheld Metroid game



Considering we haven't had a new Metroid since 2010,I would hope we hear something this year.

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3 days until we find out



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