Topic: Will the 3DS screens have borders?

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The question is, will the 3DS have borders when playing "old" DS games. Don´t mention the upper screen, it will naturally have borders at it´s sides. But as there in the 3DS finally is an upgrade in resolution the question comes to mind. Will it have borders also at the top and bottom or will the 3DS stretch image to fit new resolution? and the next question is... how well will it stretch it?

Anybody seen anything regarding this?

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I think we will see the same thing that happened with the DSiXL where there will be no noticeable stretches in the images.


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The DSi and DSiXL share the same resolution so therefore there is no stretching taking place. The screens are made of the same amount of dots so to speak, the xl dots are just bigger.
Just found in the NL feed from the 3DS events that they tried out some Virtual Handheld game (GameBoy) and it said that the screen was scaled to fit height of screen. That´s stretching or scaling if you like, as it keeps the aspect ratio. But it´s clearly not a "dotbydot" picture as it has that fuzzy filter look.

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Exactly - I imagine there will be borders as otherwise they can't keep the same aspect ratio.


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I'm really hoping it will keep the DS's aspect ratio for DS games. I'll probably be selling my DS to the store for a discount on the 3DS and I'll still want to be able to enjoy my DS games without any odd stretching.



I'm sure they'll keep the aspect radio the same so there will be borders. A lot of DS games including first party games use both screens as one (boss fights in Zelda Spirit Tracks, cutscenes in Metroid Prime Hunters etc.) so I doubt they'll destroy that...

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But even at the same ratio, what about resolution? Isnt this a higher resolution? Will the3DS upscale it or will we somehow see the pixels still

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It will be tricky to get right; borders would be needed to avoid scaling problems, but having a border on the bottom screen could lead to tremendous complications when your pen, while still on screen, moves out of the area of the actual DS game.

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