Topic: Will any new 3ds games be announced at e3?

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I love my 3ds, I've had it for almost 7 years and it has some great games. I also have a Switch but for some reason I prefer to play smaller indie games on 3ds. So will more games be announced for it? I think they'll be a few surprises at e3. Im hoping the rumoured Zelda is real or at least another grezzo/intelligent systems game is announced.

What do you guys think?



Most likely, Nintendo said it's not going away anytime soon...

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@BongoBongo123 The 3DS is nearing its end, but it is not over. I am sure we will get at least one or two 3DS announcements at E3

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There were some rumours for a Link's Awakening remake for 3DS right? I'd like another 2D Zelda game as I prefer those ones. Perhaps one more on the 3DS.



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I'd assume it'll get a mention and there may be something in there for 3DS we don't know about yet. But I wouldn't go into E3 hoping for a new Zelda on 3DS or anything along those lines. If we do get something for 3DS at this point expect something that's either launching on Switch at the same time or a sequel/port of something the 3DS already has.

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