Topic: Why Sticker Star fails and why Nintendo should stop making worse Paper Mario games

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One of my biggest problems besides the backtracking and obtuse specific-item puzzles was that the bosses were broken. Most of the time I had no idea which item I had to turn into a sticker to use (if I had even found the item needed) so I would waste almost all my stickers or I had the item and the boss became laughably easy.

Oh man don't even remind me about that whole part with the Wiggler

Most annoying part of the game

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Well, the comments are beginning to sum up where this thread is going. It's time for all of us to abandon this thread!

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....Why is this thread still going? o_0

This thread keeps coming back, like a bad skin condition. Just look at all these

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bump s

Jealous hater detected

btw that was only 1 bump lol and everyone is saying "omg wow buddy gtfo blah blah kjdfngfd"

Probably because people rarely "bump" on NL without adding more to the conversation


what's that? you'd like the thread locked because you have nothing more to add? okay! :3

future of NL >:3
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