Topic: Why is everyone Dissing Nintendo?

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bboy2970 wrote:

Mickeymac wrote:

Because not everyone is willing to put up with Ninty's crap all the time.

Not putting up with their crap is one thing. Constant hate for anything and everything they do no matter what is quite another.

That's a discussion for another topic, though, since that's not quite what the OP's talking about.

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Because they think nintys to kiddy. I am a nintenerd all the way.



Yeah Sony or Microsoft have never pulled crap right?

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Link79 wrote:

Yeah Sony or Microsoft have never pulled crap right?

Nah, that whole PSN security breach and Microsoft RRoD/overpriced online strategy never happened. =3

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"dissing"? Who says this? It's 2011. O.o

On-Topic: Spewing your hate and dissaproval for video companies and developers has been the lifeblood of video-game forums since their conception and will continue to be as long as they exist. What you gonna do? [shrugs]

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Why is everyone 'dissing' Nintendo? Because they can. That's how it has been, that's how it always will be. Ignore it and move on, please.

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