Topic: Why does everyone want so-and-so game on the 3DS?

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Super Smash Bros. 3DS? Please, we didn't even get a DS version.
I can't see Mario Strikers 3DS either. The Wii version sucked.
Mario Party 3DS? I certainly hope not, unless they can make it internet multiplayer.

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I hope they never release any games on the 3DS. Ever.



It is pretty silly for people to have hopes and dreams.

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well without hopes and dreams we would not further ourselves at least that's the idea anyways......



Why does everyone want so-and-so game on the Virtual Console?



Who said we wanted something?

We want Notthing!

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This is only my opinion and/or take on this so please don't bash me for defending my side of this
Well Smash Bros was pretty fun, and they ARE doing a Paper Mario which has only been on consols. There was a Mario Party on DS, but it sucked... and I doubt there will be strickers because there are barely any games. But whats wrong with hoping for something? If we never hoped then would we ever be excited? Hope is a nesesity for happiness.

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Because people want to be able to play updated versions of their favourite IPs on the newest consoles. It's really easy to see that - don't you want ant specific game for the 3DS?

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Most people are caught up in the 3D fad that comes & goes every 20 yrs. It was big in the 50s, went away in the 60s. It came back in the 80s, went away in the 90s. Now it's back again.

Notice a pattern?

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I think the 3DS might actually stand a chance of overcoming just being a 'fad' if the price is affordable, considering that it's 3D minus the gimmicky glasses and there are a wide selection of games. Also, while it'd be a it weird if you chose to do this, you can play completely with the 3D off.

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F hope lets all turn emo!!!

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Kid Icarus 3DS? Please, we didn't even get a DS version.
I can't see Paper Mario 3DS either. The Wii version sucked.
Metal Gear Solid 3DS? I certainly hope not, unless they can make it internet multiplayer.

lol, some people like seeing new games in their favorite franchises. Not hard to figure out. :3

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One could just as easily ask why you make so many threads just so that you can list random games. It's not your place to comment on why other people make threads regarding things you don't agree with, StarFox.

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