Topic: Why are All the Games Cheap Now?

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Any one else notice this?
I go on and see a hole bunch of 3DS games for $15, $20, $30!

There's also over 100 games!
(Albeit mostly games like Cooking Mama, Imagine, and Ben 10)


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Are there any good cheap games? The ones you listed are terrible.

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Resident Evil: Revelations is going to be $50, so now you don't have to feel you're paying too little for games~

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

Are there any good cheap games? The ones you listed are terrible.

I see:

-Games listed up there

-Lego Starwars

-Ridge Racer

-Asphalt 3D

-Super Monkey Ball

-That dinosaur fighting game

-Ghost Recon

-Wipe out 2

-Those "Imagine" games


-Lego Pirates of the Caribbean



-Super Stars Karts-Dream Works

-Some bowling game

-Outdoors: Unleashed



-Cars 2

-The Sims 3

-Splinter Cell 3D

-The Hidden

-Outdoors Unleashed: Africa

-Balloon Pop


-Arcade 3D

-two fishing games


-Heavy Fire: The Chosen Few

-Generator Rex

-Cubic Ninja

-Daul Pen Sports


-Pro Evolution Soccer

-Nikoli's Pencil Puzzles

-Old Skool Arcade Classics

-Ace Combat

-Centipede: Infestation

-Dr. Lautrec & the Forgotten Knights


Well, won't be getting that soon lol

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Target has Spirit Tracks and GS Dark Dawn for $20 temporarily. ST was sold out though in my store. GS was getting there.

Also, they have Sonic Colors DS for $20 and includes (oddly enough) 3 3DS styluses bundled to it. Weird, but a steal



But it isn't Black Friday! What has the world come to! T~T

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the lego games would be a steal at those prices... hmmmm searches depths of bank account



Morpheel wrote:

Well, i got The Sims 3 for less than $20 some weeks ago... I kind of regret getting it.

From what I have read in reviews the DS version of Sims 3 was alot better than the 3DS verison.

As for why those games are cheap ummmm well we are heading into something called the holiday season.

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Its very much the trend with games on all systems now, aside from evergreen games like Mario Kart, Mario Bros, etc. most games do drop to cheaper prices quite quickly now. In the Uk 3DS games come out about $65 initially and then drop down to about $25 within a small amount of time just as DS games come out about $50 and drop to about $10... there isnt anything to worry about like the 3DS is failing because they are selling them cheap.
I remember hearing a manager talking to his assistant in one of the shops explaining about "the offers" they have on. Saying that the games have an initial cost to them as in cost of game, transportation, staff hours etc and once a certain amount of sales have been made they can still make a profit by selling them at half the price or even less. Obviously they want to sell them at full price for as long as they can, but in the end shelf space and new titles are just as important so if it means clearing them out at a much lower price so be it. This was in a Supermarket and obviously they have a much smaller area to sell and promote games whereas a dedicated games store it wouldnt be as much of an issue, but yeah it seemed to make a lot of sense.

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The Sims 3 on 3DS is a complete waste of time and money. The DS version isn't too bad, if you have absolutely no other system to play The Sims on. The Sims 3: Pets on 3DS however, improves on The Sims 3 in almost every possible way, and I'd recommend it if you're itching for your Sims fix on the go. While you're restricted to controlling only one household, you can have up to three sims ("Sims" also include pets). There are also three save slots so multiple users can share the same cartridge as well.

But, yes, it is a little worrying that certain 3DS game prices have plummeted so quickly (though the cheapest of games tend to be sorely lacking in content anyway).


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I can confirm that the sims 3 is about 150 times better for the ds.
though I'm obviously still getting the sims 3 pets when I find it

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It's probably because we're heading into the holiday season, so games are being lowered in price to appeal more to consumers. I would just be appreciative of the lower prices when we're heading into being overloaded with options instead of complaining about something that most people find good.

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centipede ? brainless shooting is a good way to pass time in the bus. if its 20$, ill consider it

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centipede ? brainless shooting is a good way to pass time in the bus. if its 20$, ill consider it

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Final Fantasy IV DS
Ratchet and clank All4One
3DS : Sam : 3050-7590-3005


i know asphalt is only 9.99 at gamestop here. and ridge racer, SSFIV, DOA, Pac Man & Galaga Dimensions, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 are 29.99 each at Gamestop in Canada. It makes me glad that I waited until now to get my 3DS. Next week I'm picking up SSFIV, Asphalt and Super Mario 3D Land.

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Where can I get 3DS games cheap in the UK?

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Viewtiful_Joe wrote:

Are there any good cheap games? The ones you listed are terrible.

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