Topic: Who's going to buy a 3DS game at launch given the weak lineup.

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I figure I'll only have enough spending money left for one 3DS game around launch, And right now I'm trying to decide between Dead or Alive and Street Fighter. If the rumors are true about Dead or Alive being $49.99 in comparison to Street Fighter's $39.99 price, that ten bucks could easily decide it for me.

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Splinter Cell 3D is going to be released on March 3rd. I'm not interested, but there's some information for anyone who is.

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Nintendogs + Cats and SSFIV: 3D Edition. PilotWings Resort and Super Monkey Ball 3D are on the maybe list.



The only game I'll get is Rayman DSiWare, but I'll have to wait till May to download it... so some of the games I want might be out by then.



Cannot answer, for I don't base decisions upon false premises.

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I'm getting Street Fighter IV. Everything else is a maybe until I see some reviews, although all the other launch titles seem to at least have potential. I'm only slightly disappointed that the one game I want at launch is a 2D fighting game and not something to really show off what the 3D is all about, but the game itself looks like an excellent piece of work.

We'll see some more high-caliber games within a few months of launch so it's really not so bad.

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nothing wait until kid icarus and zelda come out

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I'm getting Pilotwings Resort and also gambling a bit on Steel Diver. I'm happy the 3DS comes with six AR cards, as well.



I'd still like to get my 3DS at launch (which is obvious cause it's all I've been blabbering about for months ), and I'd like to preorder many of the games on my wishlist. The only launch title I'm certain I'd like is nintendogs + cats. The rest will likely be released over the next few months after launch.

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I wouldn't say the line-up is weak at all. Nintendogs, Pilotwings, Steel Diver, Super Street Fighter, Monkey Ball, Madden, and Rayman all seem like pretty good games to me.

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It's only weak to those who don't like the games offered. For those that do, it isn't.

For me, I'll be happy to get Pilotwings if it's out by then or.. Street Fighter... Which will be the first Street Fighter game I've owned since the SNES days when my sister gave me her SF game. Too bad I never really got into it then.

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Yeah...the title really is too baised. This is great line-up for some people. While I personally feel it's weak, I'm tough to please. I'm not gonna waste $250 without a very good reason, and nothing I've seen meets that criteria, with the closest being Kid Icarus, and that's not a launch title apparently.

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I'm not getting one at launch. Wish I was. But, if I did get one, I'd most likely pick up Nintendogs and Steel Diver.

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Not me. I can't afford it, never mind the games for it. And I already have far too many games I want for other consoles In the future, though. Maybe once I get a bloody job.

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Already bought it, with Pilotwings!

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I'll probably wait until my birthday in June. hint hint


I will. Probably a couple of games. Even if they're not games I would usually buy, the 3D gimmick makes pretty much all the games on the launch list an attractive novelty to me. I've already got Samurai Warriors 3D on pre-order from Japan.

After launch though, I reckon it'll be six months before any more games come out that I actually want to buy.

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At launch I'll get Street Fighter IV. I might also consider one of Pro Evolution Soccer or Ridge Racer depending on finances.



I doubt I'll get the 3ds at or around launch, but it won't be because of the "weak line-up". Theirs a few games in there that probably would be nice to have at launch, but I'm looking forward to the add 3ds features more then any retail release. I'm betting the e-shop, browser, and 3ds movies will we great addition to the 3ds. Having a system and not be able to access these features is pretty much a launch day deal breaker for me.

Plus if I wait to get mines I might be able to score some double points with their reward system by purchasing some pre-owned 3DS game at GS.

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