Topic: Who's going to buy a 3DS game at launch given the weak lineup.

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When will the price of ds games drop like ps2 games did when ps3 cameout, I'm just wondering how long.

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If the rumors of Pilotwings at launch are true, then yeah.


Weak lineup or not, I'm sure the console is going to be difficult to get for the first couple of months... so getting it at launch is going to be the best if you want it soon. Plus, within months, they are supposed to have some nice titles out (hopefully). Depending on money is going to decide if we get one or not... but I definitely want one. Wife wanted a pink one, so maybe they will announce that color sooner than later.

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For those who are planning to trade in their DSi's for the 3DS at launch- you WILL lose all of your DSiWare. The eShop and the DSiWare transfers will not be available until an update is released in May.


EDIT: This apparently applies to all territories, US, Europe, and Japan.

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The sad part is that, without any doubt, this still has the best launch/launch window of any system since the GCN.

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Monkeyball. That's it. Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, and Mercs 3D will be mine once they release too.

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I'm buying at least 2 games when I get my 3DS on launch day. I don't consider the launch line up weak at all. Granted we don't know exactly what the line up will be but I can pretty safely assume that Street Fighter and the 3 Nintendogs will be part of it. I will for sure get SSF4 and a Nintendogs version. I'm sure there will be at least one other launch game that interests me though. I'm so PUMPED

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I'm thinking Super Street Fighter IV and LEGO Star Wars III for me. I'm also considering picking up Radiant Historia if it's any good (it certainly looks like it'll be).

I just wish Nintendo would release some concrete release info about Zelda and Kid Icarus, since those are the ones I want to play the most. I think they said sometime after E3, which would be perfect for me since that's around my birthday.



Lego Star Wars and DOA: Dimensions are definites for me and there's a whole bunch of maybes so YES! Need more gameplay trailer though! There's less than a month till Japanese launch!

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I might not the dsi feels special for some reason and was my first launch day console I mean I paid £150 and if I buy cheap ds games it will be better to play it on the dsi over the 3ds battery/bigger touch screen.The £75 off is seeming less worth it.

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I am, wait? what weak line up?
SSF4 is enough for me at launch + 3 weeks later we will have plenty of others

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Okay SSIV3D is good but I already have SFIV on xbox I'm not sure what the Super version has extra but its only 30 pounds if you get it with the 3ds at game so i might buy it as if you buy the console alone you won't get double points because it wont come up on the reward system as a software preorder.

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I'll be getting Street Fighter on launch day (or whenever I get the 3DS.) I'll also be getting Kid Icarus and Mario Kart 3DS as soon as they release, and I'll get Ridge Racer or PilotWings after I get those other 2.

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I'll try to get one for launch, my birthday is 4 days before the 3DS's American release


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Im going to wait for a while for reciews to come out for a bunch of games then get a couple. I know im going to get mariokart, but im on the fence for Starfox, Kid icarus, Paper Mario, SSFIV, and Pilot wings.

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I might if I have some extra money. If i do, it would be Super Street Fighter 4 3D edition, since the shop won't be available until May.

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even with a rather weak line up, the idea of having the 3DS would make me happy enough
(i'm not saying that i'm going to get the 3DS JUST to stare at and enjoy it's presence )

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I'll be getting Nintendogs + Cats and Pilotwings resort (if it's released on launch day). Super Street Fighter 4 looks cool, but it's still a maybe.


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I bought a bunch of catch up DS games.



Sylverstone wrote:

Probably Super Street Fighter IV and Pilotwings Resort.

I'll look forward to an online battle with either Corbs or Prosody James!

Me too, if I'm able to get Street Fighter. (^ ^)....[LOL, James. You presented yourself as a Goddess on the NL facebook page]


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