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Hi buds! I've just joined here, and I would like to know who you would like to have there own 3DS console? I wanna see a Kirby 3DS! and a Luigi one, ( in a bundle with Luigi's mansion 2) and a DK one would be cool!
Your thoughts?



Hi and welcome to the Nintendo Life Forums!Maybe a Castlevania 3DS with a badass Alucard font!

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

A ghostly Glow-In-The-Dark Luigi's Mansion 3DS!!!

Would be something different! I like it!



A clear 3ds. Like how they used to make certain Game Boys and stuff.

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yoshi green 3ds



I would like that Kingdom Hearts 3DS that Japan has.


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I want some fancy Wii U model that comes bundled with some cool game I'll want in the future..

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

A white Kid Icarus themed 3DS would have been cool.


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a 3ds xl yellow with pikachu on it... oh wait ... >.> ok then a metroid themed 3ds that comes in orange/red with samus's helmet on the front. or a black one with a metroid outline type of thing going on (dont really know how to describe it) and the outline of the metroid would be a dark green.

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I'd love to see:

  • green with leaves on it Animal Crossing XL
  • black/red and black/silver version for Monster Hunter XL
  • New Zelda Version in golden/black XL whenever new 3DS Zelda comes out

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New Super Mario Bros U and Duck Hunt U Wii U bundle.


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Since you mention Wii U, pending if another maybe comes out, this time on Wii U, I'd still say kid Icarus, and make support for Wii remote+ and nunchuchuck. And yeah, it would be nice to se a new Duck Hunt, despite the mini-ish 1 in WiiPlay because it just isn't the same. Heck, if they do that maybe the other light gun games could be made, or maybe bundled into the same game pack, which might kinda make it like more mini games, but who wouldn't wanna play a new version of the retro classics, right? Hogans Alley, Wild Gunman....

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Welcome @KirbyMarioFan! Well, I personally love a dark blue 3DS with Pit's white wings on the bottom of the top lid and his golden wreath crown above them.

For a Wii U one, it'd be awesome if there was was one that was dark green with Pikmin sprouts of all colors on the side (or I guess on top since the Wii U is supposed to be flat on the ground).


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A super mario 3D land bundle should be awesome!
Also, a paper mario 3DS xl should be cool!

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