Topic: Which Game Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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1. Mario Kart
2. LoZOot 3D
3. Cave Story
4. Paper Mario 3D
5. Pilotwings Resort

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1. Mysterious 3D Mario Game...
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising
3. TIE! PilotWings Resort & Steel Diver

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Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Megaman Legends 3 and everything from Level 5 outside of the 5th Layton game.

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Pilot Wings as I will have it at launch.

Mario Kart (I'm praying that it handles the same as the DS version)
Steel Diver (non-launch in Europe - damn those other Europeans who insist on not speaking English like the rest of the world)
Paper Mario (hoping it's a new game, not a remake)
Elite (assuming I get the chance to write it myself)

I'll probably get SSF and Lego Star Wars at launch too, but to be honest, only so I have a few games to play.

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From what i've seen footage of so far:

  • Paper Mario i think the 3D will just be beautiful and groundbreaking in this title, paired with Paper Mario greatness
  • Metal Gear Solid 3 Obviously because of the incredible tension the trailers promise. Though i really really hope we'll not only get remakes from 3rd parties on the 3DS.

If i get the 3DS on its launch day i'll most likely have Pilot Wings Resort and Street Fighter IV as the first games.


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Well at the moments its.....

Mario Kart 3DS

and im pretty sure there will be alot of good titles at the coming months.

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Super Street Fighter IV

Kid Icarus Uprising

Animal Crossing 3DS

Paper Mario 3DS

PilotWings Resort

Cave Story 3D

Professor Layton Phoenix Wright

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Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Star Fox 64 3D, Nintendogs + cats, Super Mario 3D.

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Right now, it's Pilotwings Resort. Super Street Fighter IV, Steel Diver and Nintendogs + Cats also interests me.

My top 5 must-haves:

1. Mario Kart 3DS
2. Paper Mario
3. Kid Icarus: Uprising
4. Resident Evil: Revelations
5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The new Mario platformer will be of course, a must have.

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Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, the NEXT Kirby game, that new Mario Bros. game, possible Smash Bros., a Zelda made from the ground-up on 3DS.

Other titles I'm really interested in that are confirmed or announced:
Dragon Quest (tent. title)
Megaman Legends 3
Resident Evil Revelations
DJ Hero (feel like it's cancelled)
Harvest Moon (tent. title)
Mario Kart 3DS
Star Fox 64 3D
Cave Story

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I'm looking forward to SSFIV, Ridge Racer 3D, Pilotwings resort.

I'm really hoping that Splinter Cell 3D will be good...

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Super Monkey Ball, Dead or Alive, Asphalt 3D(possibly). All franchises that will be out around launch, all look good, and my first time on each.



Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Pilotwings, and the new unnamed Dragon Quest game.

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mario kart
smb 3DS
zelda oot
kid icaris

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PAPER MARIO!!! I mean who doesn't. And if you don't, then WTH is wrong with you?

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Mario Kart 3DS (None has failed me)
Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (As soon as I'm done Specter's Flute in probably September)
Nikoli’s Pensil Puzzle (Giant puzzle fan, and I'm wondering what they can do with the 3DS' features)
Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition (From what I see it may be better than 360 and PS3)
Steel Diver (A new title for the books)
Pilotwings Resort (Pilotwings + Sports Resort = awwwwwwwwsum)
Nintendo’s + Cats (I was thrilled when I heard it but it's hard to say goodbye to my current Nintendogs)
James Noir Hollywood Crimes (A new Layton by Ubisoft)
Animal Resort (This just seems good and might be a hidden gem)

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For me, none really. I hope that E3 2011 will show me something awesome to look forward to on the 3DS. Because the current lineup is kinda disappointing. (Although Kid Icarus and the RE game have me intrigued)

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Didn't I already Post here? Anyways, I guess I'm looking forward to everything by Atlus, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, and especially Mega Man Legends 3 and Tales of The Abyss, which I'll be buying regardless of if I ever have a means to play them. I'll grab Ridge Racer 3D, SSF43DE, Blaz Blue Continuum Shift 2, and Dead or Alive 3D on the cheap later down the line.

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1.Rodea The Sky Soldier
2.Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright
3.Mario Kart 3D
4.Paper Mario 3D
5.Kid Icarus Uprising
6.Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
7.Rayman 3D
8.Professor Layton and the Mask Of Miracles

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