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OK, so I want to get a Nintendo 3DS XL bundle (North American by the way), but I'm really not sure which one to get. I REALLY want Mario Kart 7, but I also want a Red 3DS XL. Unfortunately, the Mario Kart 7 Bundle only comes in blue and the red bundle comes with NSMB2 (not that I don't want NSMB2 but I think I would prefer Mario Kart). Also, I'm really interested in the Fire Emblem bundle coming out next month (even though I have never played any Fire Emblem games), but that's going to be a bit of a wait. What do you guys think? Which one should I get?

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A game costs $39.99; a 3DS XL costs $199.99. Get the color you want, because if you don't, it will be a lot more expensive to change than the game. You don't want to be regretting it down the road that you don't like your 3DS color simply because you tried to save $40. And NSMB2 is still fun. I would aim to have both in my collection anyway.


Also, the Fire Emblem bundle will be an original type 3DS.


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Well, I doubt you'd change 3DS's just because you don't like the color, but you might as well get the color you want since the game comes free anyway.

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Well first off the Fire Emblem bundle is just an original 3DS not the XL model so if you want an XL you probably want to skip that one.

As for the other problem you have I would take into the fact as to why you want want MK7 over NSMB2. The color of the system really shouldnt dictate the bundle so much as the game. If you think you will enjoy MK7 more that get that bundle nothing worst than having a system and the only game you have for it is one you arent going to enjoy, Mind you both are great games and I think a 3DS owner should at least play both of them. Also remember with the digital game you cant trade it in you are stuck with it. SO if you decide you dont like NSMB2 you cant trade it. Better you get the game you know you will like.

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Is the NSMB2 bundle a US thing? I only see the Mario Kart bundle around here?



the red bundle comes with Super Mario 3D Land, not NSMB2.....get the system color or the game that you want. although i do kind of recommend the XL. 3DS games look better on it.

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get the red 3DS XL with NSMB2, then get Mario Kart 7. problem solved, you get 2 games instead of 1

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