Topic: Which 3DS games are you playing lately?

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Kid Icarus Uprising(multiplayer all the way!! )

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I was playing ACNL but I quit that. Rught now, I'm trying to beat LM: DM.

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LMDM is such a good game: Im currently playing nsmb2 because I still dont have a million coins

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Oh baby I got Shin Megami Tensei 4 and I can't put it down. That's probably gonna be the only game I'm playing until I beat it, and it's Clipped Wings DLC. Absolutely phenomenal.



I've been playing Fire Emblem and I'm loving it. I got SMT4 and have played a little but it may not be my cup of tea. I've always heard good things about the series and have really tried to like it but it may just not be for me.

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The only 3DS game I've been playing this month has been New Super Mario Brothers 2. I still have that million coins to reach, and I'm just having a lot of fun collecting coins and completing levels. I wouldn't say it's my favorite 2D Mario, but it sure is making a case for itself with the recent sittings I've been having.

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Favorite Game: Metroid Prime Hunters


Animal Crossing NL, SMT IV, Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Pushmo and Sakura Samurai.

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Animal Crossing, Mario Tennis Open and SteamWorld Dig which I got for free & I'm pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

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Sonic Generations.

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  • Harvest Moon: A New Beginning (still waiting for RF4)
  • Shin Megami Tensei IV
  • Super Mario Bros 2 (VC)
  • Code of Princess

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Shin Megami Tensei IV (Really weird how i'm liking this game a lot more than I thought
Fire Emblem: Awakening (This game is as great as you all say)
Shantae ( Need to get ready for Pirates Curse! So pumped!)
Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Finally getting around to beating this so i can get more new games like Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon and A Link Between Worlds)

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Loving seeing people playing Shin Megami Tensei 4! I need to get back on it. I usually pound a good solid 20 hours into it and take a small break to play other things. I am probably going to play that tonight (Or Monster Hunter 3) while watching Toonami

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For me it's been...
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Recently finished...
Zelda: OOT 3DS
Etrian Odyssey IV
Tales of the Abyss 3DS
Scribblenauts unlimited

On deck...
Fire Emblem: awakening
Project X zone
SMT Devil Survivor: overclocked

There's too many good games and not enough hours in the day. Considering I'm also playing console games as well as Vita.



Animal Crossing takes up most of my day. When I get bored of playing it or my kids are doing their files, I alternate between PMD: Gates to Infinity (picked up last night with my $30 credit), Dream Team (stuck right now) and SMT IV (just got it Friday). The rest of my games are missing Well other than the ones I downloaded on my 3DS.

Want: Ever Oasis, SoS Trio of Towns, Dragon Quest 8, Pikmin 3DS, Mario Sports Superstars, and Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World.
Playing Skytree Village, Moon, Sun and Alpha Sapphire right now.
Loving the Alola region and can't wait to explore it all.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is all I seem to play anymore. I've started up a few other games since I bought New Leaf back in June, but they all eventually fall by the wayside.

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Shin Megami Tensei IV
Animal Crossing
Bike Rider DX-Beat Last Night so will be replacing 3rd game with something else. Will probably move on to Little Acorns. Ive been [playing my games in 3's lately and stick to the 3

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I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 3D on the hardest difficulty! Its pretty fun and extremly tough. Every boss is sooo overpowered! I've also been playing Shin Megami Tensei IV and this game is very tough. I luv the gameplay but the game is sooo hard XD I've also been playing Animal Crossing 3D. Its a great game to relax to.

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Project X Zone. I can't believe I'm playing it more than Fire Emblem, and that's why I buy Nintendo systems, lol! The game is just good fun, and makes me laugh seeing all of the new characters. Bruno Delinger made his debut the other day, and it just confirmed that this game is legendary!

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Blastoise wrote:

I've been playing Kingdom Hearts 3D on the hardest difficulty! Its pretty fun and extremly tough. Every boss is sooo overpowered! I've also been playing Shin Megami Tensei IV and this game is very tough. I luv the gameplay but the game is sooo hard XD I've also been playing Animal Crossing 3D. Its a great game to relax to.

Yeah, SMT4 can be tough — I just took a long time to grind up my team and now it's pretty much cake. Haha

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