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With Game & Wario released in Japan today for the Wii U, I’m reminded of another WarioWare installment that should’ve been released by now, WarioWare 3D. There will be one for the 3DS eventually, but I just find it curious why it hasn’t appeared yet.

I just stumbled across an old, Brazilian article from 2010 when Sakamoto, the Metroid developer, talked about the possibility of a new WarioWare for the 3DS. Here’s a rough translation of what he said.

"[WarioWare] is one of our main outstanding issues. Whenever a new Nintendo console is released, Nintendo will make a new WarioWare, trying to take maximum possible advantage of the capabilities of the new hardware. But it is also true that WarioWare is a video game of very strong personality, and is very difficult to make changes or innovations while maintaining the personality. One of the things I should do now is to think in new WarioWare, which certainly will come out for the Nintendo 3DS, and think about how we can add freshness to the series, keeping his personality. "

It looks like this “freshness” was done for Game & Wario, which has a new art style and the concept of minigames and not just microgames. What gets me is that a new Nintendo console has had a WarioWare game release very close to launch since the DS. I wonder what the exception was for 3DS?

When do you think WarioWare 3D will finally appear? My guess is that after the handheld division of Intelligent Systems got done with Paper Mario: Sticker Star, they turned to WarioWare.



I don't know. hope I'm wrong but looks like they already tried all the possibilities in the DS(DSi and wii too) because the twoo screens been explored twice they gave it a try with cameras(and failed) the only game making(wario ware style) feature left are the motion controls(already used on the wii) or the AR tha will hardly work. so it might take a LOT of time till they find something new, quick, with some gross(and funny) parts filled with fun since the obvious is not an option. all I can expect(and hope) is they make good microgames(or minigames) since the wario ware D.I.Y. had some really boring ones if it wasn't for the "make your game" feature it would have been one of the worst wario wares...

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I would put my bets on it being revealed next year on E3 or through a ND. Maybe even this year. It's probably only a matter of time.



So I guess I'm not the only one wondering this.

As for the people saying they've tried everything... not necessarily. After all, the 3DS has LOTS of interesting gimmicks/features rather than just a few of them, so this could be the perfect time to mix and match ideas from the older games. You could pull off motion controls ala Smooth Moves and Gyro controls ala Twisted via the Gyroscope, touch screen controls like in Touched and DIY via the touch screen, camera games like Snapped via the camera and standard button based games via the... standard buttons and controls on the console. As for the old 'AR isn't that great' argument, well to be honest it's WarioWare we're talking about. All it needs to do is work as well as it does in the built in AR games and Face Raiders, microgames and toys don't exactly need a ton of mechanical precision.

As far as structure goes, I think this would work well:

Each character is 'assigned' to a certain control method/input method and you use that to play each of the microgames on a category style basis. So one set of games/one character's story would be based around touch screen controls, another around gyro controls, another round AR games, etc...

And for Nine Volt/Eighteen Volt and Wario Man, just make it so their microgames use all the control methods, except with the obvious retro Nintendo and Wario themes.

Seems like a good game to bring back the toys/souvenirs from earlier games in too, since you could come up with a whole bunch of quirky 'gimmick' ideas based around the 3DS's capabilities. And they wouldn't exactly have to work 'perfectly' if their use is for something completely pointless that's more of an interactive toy than a 'game'.

Here's hoping such a game is revealed at a future Nintendo Direct or at E3.

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Here's a major factor, no WarioWare has EVER included analog control. Seriously. That alone would be enough, though good usage of 3D, gyroscope microgames or even fixed camera games would be nice.

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Presumably because 3D is difficult to make relevant in terms of gameplay.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Presumably because 3D is difficult to make relevant in terms of gameplay.

SM3DL was able to do it for a few puzzles, but I'd be more interested in getting some damned analog control in my WarioWare.

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

Presumably because 3D is difficult to make relevant in terms of gameplay.

That COULD be the case, but as CM30 said: They could just use the different types of gameplay from the previous games, and separate them to each character (save for Wario Man and 9-Volt).

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