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Am I missing something or is Lugi's Mansion seriously the only new game announced for 3DS worth mentioning? Was really hoping to see 3rd parties embrace the system, but they clearly are not. As a gamer who is not satisfied with just playing Nintendo games ( I love them), I am HIGHLY disappointed in the 3DS. And where is the promised Netflix, and video services? The fact is that Vita is going to launch this holiday for the same price, 10x the third party support (they get original games, we get 3D ports of PS2 and Wii games), and 10x the functionality. I'm a Nintendo fan, but I am pissed I spent 250 on this thing right now. I am sick of buying Nintendo systems basically to play Nintendo games. Right now I don't see how this thing doesn't become another Wii as far as software is concerned. And the Wii actually had a decent amount of hardcore games early on before developers got wise and realized hardcore gamers were not to be found. If Resident Evil doesn't sell on 3DS forget it...


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I am wondering the same thing.

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Most of the games featured were announced at least years e3. I kind of want Nintendo to get their ass kicked this Christmas because I want to be able to enjoy the same amount of content the other systems offer. ESPECIALLY when they are the SAME PRICE! I know a lot of gamers feel the same way, only they didn't jump onto the 3DS bandwagon day 1 like I did...


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@Lionsgate: There are already a ton of upcoming high-profile games. I wasn't expecting them to announce many new games for 3DS. And there were some games that we knew about but hadn't seen in action, like Super Mario, for example.



3rd party games may be announced at the respective publisher's booths.

To clear up some confusion: not everything is announced at the press conference!! Thank you

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