Topic: When will you get your 3DS?

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tristenj1992 wrote:

Another Blue. (Sigh)

haha, hey there are only 2 choices. I was initially leaning towards black, but I wanted a little color in my life. It'll look nice lying around.

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Actually, I'll probably get it around 2 or 3 years after it's release

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Maybe for Christmas but more likely I'll be getting it next year.

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I'll probably be waiting until my birthday or Christmas, mainly because I'm poor at the moment. If I could I'd get it first day though.

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Sylverstone wrote:

March 27, 2011. Hopefully in the morning, or at noon. Maybe midnight, if I'm lucky.

Same here. SN: its a black 3DS not blue.

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pre-ordered it from amazon , i spent too much on that pre order since my last Handheld was DS Lite

here is what i order :-

Nintendo 3DS Cosmo Black

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
Pilotwings Resort
Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog and New Friends

Accessories :-
3DS Screen Protectors (2-pack)
Nintendo 3DS Pull and Go Folio - Black
Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip
Nintendo 3DS Inner Earphone - Black
Nintendo 3DS Car Charger .

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I was initially going to buy it at launch but after seeing the line-up I've decided to buy it at a later date. A few games which will prompt me to buy it would be Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time or even the Virtual Console so I can buy Link's Awakening <3

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hopefully launch day my mom says its a waste of money for me to buy it but its my money and ill buy whatever i want xD

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With me it all depends on when i will get the chance to try it before buying it.
Because there's still the risk that i won't be seeing the 3D effects. Not that i have any special problems with my eyes. I'm just a bit cautious about it.
And i certainly won't pay that much money on a system which main feature i cannot use.
So if our german Nintendo cannot pull off some 3DS events before the launch i guess they'll have to wait a bit. Since i certainly can.


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nicknintendo68 wrote:

hopefully launch day my mom says its a waste of money for me to buy it but its my money and ill buy whatever i want xD

How dare she! D:<


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I've just preorderd my 3DS, so I hope I have it on March 25th.


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25th March 2011
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26 days and ill have a 3DS and SSF4

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I'm going to pre-order my Aqua Blue 3DS in a couple of days.
Along with Nintendog's + Cats and SSFIV 3D whenever those 2 become available. But I'm stumped on my 3rd pick. I'm either going with Monkey Ball 3D or PilotWings Resort.....As for Steel Driver, it doesn't look too exciting and Rayman 3D is technically just an old Dreamcast port with 3D and updated visuals and tweaks.



In about 5 hours.

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Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Ridge Racer 3D. Then Super Monkey Ball 3D will come on Monday.

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@Corbs Nice have fun with it.

Im getting it in September T_T
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