Topic: When will you get your 3DS?

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Otaku wrote:

yes you Pay $50 then all you pay is $200 + Tax and what ever game

Thanks Otaku!

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I currently have $200...but I'm gonna trade in my Special Edition Red Wii and all my games and concentrate on the 3DS...certain circumstances won't let me have the Wii anymore...


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Just preordered my Nintendo 3DS and paid $106 on it.

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I'll be getting mine this Summer for my birthday. Or, I hope to have my mom preorder and get it when it comes out for my bad O: all i know is, i would sell everything to get enough money to get one. they look sick!



Launch day for me, which is March 25th here in the UK.

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On sale on the Nintendo 3DS eShop from 19th May 2016.



I'm gana get mine when a bundle or limited edition comes out! I Hope it's with Kid Icarus!

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Might preorder down the road.....
But I'm waiting till Samurai Warriors comes out...
Too bad Kid Icarus Uprising won't come out soon as well as KH3D

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I'll get the 3DS when Mario Kart and Resident evil: The Mercenaries comes out. Very excited about this. I just cant decide which to get, blue or black. >.<

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For those who are planning to trade in their DSi's for the 3DS at launch- you WILL lose all of your DSiWare. The eShop and the DSiWare transfers will not be available until an update is released in May.


EDIT: This apparently applies to all territories, US, Europe, and Japan.

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Gonna buy it because i have over $249.99 so i will afford it.

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Emil987 wrote:

Launch, without a doubt in my mind. What sucks though is that they (where I live) will only sell the 3DS in a bundle For the low, low price of $349.99. It comes with two games but I dont even know the launch titles lol.

Ask them.


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mark3 wrote:

__Mark wrote:

I got a question. If I preorder the Nintendo 3DS, does that $50 go against the price of the 3DS, meaning I won't have to pay but $200 on March 27?

Does anybody know for sure?

I know that, I called my GS.


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Just traded in my DSi for 3DS and got $75 for the very rarely used system. Also grabbed up Pilotwings on order as well.

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I want the 3DS to be packaged with Mario Kart 3DS or Paper Mario 3DS because[youtube:1xe6iyIjk5A]

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Mine is already pre-ordered. But I still don't know what game to get with it.

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Day one for me, but I'll only play DS games for a while

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