Topic: When will you get your 3DS?

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When I get bored of all my other consoles

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When red comes out and I can afford to buy it. It will help if I sell my DSi. This time with an awesome machine like this, I'm getting the colour I want! I bought a White DSi when the only other colour was black and I wanted the black one more but they sold out of it so I got white instead (and that was the last one left) But if they don't have a red one in stock when I go to buy it then I'm not getting one until they get more red ones.


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I'ma wait till they finish making the thing before I buy a 3DS. All these features promised with a future system update that may or may not happen... I'll wait until the 3DS actually does what they advertise it does... so at least the Summer, probably later.



I´ll try to not get it before the next version. Me thinks it will be out sometime thistime nextyear. Nintendo want to sell as many as they can of this version next christmas. Main reason for the wait is that I want bigger screens... at least bigger than "my" current DSi. This first "phat" 3DS actually has almost 3% smaller screenarea than a regular DSi. There is also the known battery issue with worst case scenario batterylife of 3 hours. With the current charging time of 3,5 hours that means that the 3DS wants more current than the charger provides. I must add that this might not be that of an issue that many are afraid of. Just checked the DSi comparison chart and see that the DSi also has 3 hours worst case scenario batterylife and... I have no problems with that!

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I'm actually begining to think I don't need a 3DS for three main reasons:

1. A lot of the journos from the events are saying that they had to turn down the 3d effect because it made the games harder to play or because they were suffering from headaches.
2. Looking at the way games are controlled reminds me too much of why I don't like playing action games with my DS. Look at Kid Icarus, has anyone played Starfox Command? Aiming and shooting with the stylus is awkward and not fun at all.
3. If you look a the lineup of launch games, there's nothing really that stands out and makes me think I need a 3DS. Only Zelda, but come on, a remake.
Is anyone else thinking "mmmm I wonder what the PSP2 has to offer"?



March 29th, one day shipping from Amazon.



Day 1.

Aqua Blue is already pre-ordered with $155 down plus $5 on Kid Icarus.

This is the FIRST time I've ever pre-ordered a game console and shall be the first time I ever get one on release. And this may be the first time I attend a midnight launch for a console and in general if my Gamestop in the mall does it (they've been known for doing midnight launches anyhow).

Really exciting. And I'll be getting the next 2 revisions just to have the different versions of the 3DS. Some say it's a waste, but I don't care Considering on making a display case for the consoles I've owned and the revisions I got of them consoles.

Plus, having two 3DS' is good for those Pokemon games, so it's not a waste after all. And one can be for 'back-up'. So, now the whole 'waste' thing is disregarded. I shall stop ranting now.

WolfRamHeart wrote:

I guess I'll get mine whenever Amazon decides to ship it. I ordered it with "Free Super Saver Shipping" so my 3DS is estimated to arrive between April 4th and April 7th. That is going to be the longest wait ever but at least I am getting one!

Another plus is that (hopefully) by that time, all the services mentioned will be up and running or close such as the Internet Browser through the update.

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pre-ordered mine on gamestop getting it first day. but i cant really decide what color i should get



I'll get it around June I guess...

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According to Amazon, mine should be arriving anytime during April 7-19
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It is the first time i preorder a console, so i don't know.i hope everything goes alright.

I will probably have to wait some time before getting a 3DS game, though.

Meowph, that's right!

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March 27 2011 and SSF4 and I will show it to the Sony N00Bs on my bus on the 28th

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I'll be getting it somewhere between March-May. Although I would like to get ssf4 too, I might just wait on that.

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When I'm out of uni, in work, a remodel has been released, and Nintendo has lowered the price significantly.

So based on the last point alone, Doomsday.


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I was planning on making this the second system I ever pre-ordered (the first being Dreamcast). But now I'm not sure what I want to do. I'm moving to Japan this summer to get married. The drastic change in lifestyle alone is sure to mean I'll have far less time for playing games, so I have to be extra careful to only buy games I think I'll get my money's worth for. That wouldn't be a problem considering most of my favorite games for DS are pick-up-and-play, but if something like a new Golden Sun comes out, I'll desperately want to play it but won't have the patience to deal with doing it in Japanese. Then again, the $250 I would spend on a 3DS doesn't seem so bad until I remember that I also need to save money for moving and/or for getting married. Crap, I think I just solved my own dilemma. Well... for what it's worth, I WANT to get a 3DS on day 1, but will probably end up letting responsibility win the battle. Damnit.


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Day one purchase for me

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Day one! I've already pre-ordered it.



If ocarina of time is a launch title DAY ONE

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Warning Wal-Mart is going to be like Black Friday on the release day and parents are like animals along with gamers that don't come out of their house often.

Haha, I would laugh if that actually happened. Just laugh.XD

yeesh.. i'm gonna pre-order mine

I preordered for this exact reason

Its always wise to pre-order, sadly I have not gotten mine pre-ordered....Not even Pokemon B or W. My Ride doesn't want to pre-order this year...I might wait until theres a few weeks til' release.....I'm may have to trade before.

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i am going to pre-order the 3ds the day before it comes out



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