Topic: When will you get your 3DS?

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Hope i can trade in my DSI XL for this one at gamestop for less money, can we?

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This really depends on wether or not Zelda will be an EU launch title on March 25th.

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Possibly, but I'd guess that would only work if they didn't have anything on their 3DS yet. Once somebody gets stuff on one system, it's probably all tied together. You wouldn't be able to transfer your stuff to your 3DS without them losing what they already had on theirs, I'd guess.

Just go out and buy the 3DS the day your ebay auction ends. Transfer your content, then throw the DSi in the mail. Wins all around (unless the 3DS is sold out a which case, buy, transfer, then post on ebay).

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Rensch wrote:

This really depends on wether or not Zelda will be an EU launch title on March 25th.


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March 27 may have to wait till that friday to get one, just hope there be more left!

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I guess I'll get mine whenever Amazon decides to ship it. I ordered it with "Free Super Saver Shipping" so my 3DS is estimated to arrive between April 4th and April 7th. That is going to be the longest wait ever but at least I am getting one!



whenever Amazon decides I'm important enough to get it. Preordered like a half hour I know wasn't even close to first in line...

My guess is 3 weeks to a month after release date? Might be kinda nice to have a few more games available before it shows up... RE Mercs, here I come!

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I'm not buying one until they fix the battery life. I'll stockpile games for it though, just like I did with the DS and PSP. That worked out great for me (but would be a problem for someone who doesn't have a shred of patience).

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I'll probably get it when Zelda comes out. If that's not March 25th then I think I can wait. Even then I'm not going to stand in line for it or anything like that.



I will get the aqua blue 3DS on the release date !!!

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December 2012 at the earliest. Too many games in my backlog at the moment and I just bought a PSP in december 2010.



any one know exactly what games will be ready for launch date? that will determine when i buy.

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Where's the fun in pre-orderning a 3DS from Amazon? It's always much more fun to go down in person to whomever sells it, even if there is a big line up. It's just more exciting and something to remember instead of waiting for some random Mail man dudeinsky to show up at your door with a big brown package.

But like the Wii, the 3DS will be incredibly tough to get in the beginning so it's understandable.



Since when does matter on how you got it?

If my relatives stay true to their promises, I should have enough for a 3DS and a game next month for my birthday (about $290 so far, huge chance I may get more cash ), So I'll probably get mine on launch day.

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lz20XX wrote:

Robo-goose wrote:

Well, that was quick. People are already selling better batteries
900 mAH still isn't much, though.
If I can find one of these for the 3DS [img] no need to see this image again[img]
then I'll be set.

It'll be like trying to avoid spoilers for Black/White, but with $250-$300 on the line.

Wait, how are they better if they have lower power? The 3DS has a 1300 mAh battery

1300 mAh, eh? I thought I read somewhere that it was 800 mAh.
Well hey! The 3DS battery isn't as weak as I thought!

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I only play my hand helds at home, so it lasting 3-5 hours is perfect. Besides, when I game I never go past the 3 hour Mark anyways.



I'm going to Best Buy Friday to reserve mine. ... Cosmos Black.

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