Topic: When will the 3DS have other colors?

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The purple 3DS looks fantastic, but Aqua Blue is still king.
Personally I'd really love to see a white/black 3DS.

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White/black would be really cool as long as they do it right. Black and white together on technology can be really awesome but if it's not perfect it can look tacky or cheap.


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When sales start dropping and they need a boost.

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simply find yourself someone who works with vinyl cutting media and you can have whatever color or design you wish on your 3Ds.
vinyl stickers are made for cars and resist heat and handling.
it wont cause any kind of isolation so no fear for overheating that machine. Ebay might have some vinyl stickers.
go custom !

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Probably around Xmas or next year The purple 3DS is really a pretty color, attracting me!!! Its a pain have to wait!!!




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supermario75 wrote:

I don't get why everyone loves blue and other colors but hates black. IMO all the other colors look kinda weird because the top and bottom are different colors. Black is best because it is all one color.


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Red and Green 3DS's for Christmas.



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