Topic: When is the 3DS update? Anyone know the date?

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I can't shake the feeling that we're gonna be kinda disappointed with the launch of the e-Shop. I'm not saying it's gonna be bad, but I think that it's gonna leave us wanting more....

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I wonder if excitebike will look like the background on the music player?

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I just hope they have it where you don't have to buy 1,000 points or whatever just to get a GB game. >_> coughwiishopcough

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Watch the update be an update of postponing the update for next month.

It's cash money. Not points. If you're simply referring to buying currency on the shop- yeah, that would suck as I prefer direct from card.

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ImDiggerDan wrote:

+1 to the June/July suspicions. This is software development, folks. You have a deadline. You break it. It's as simple as that. Nothing ever goes according to plan and the black screen crash will have only slowed them down.

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Oh crap- I forgot my post @65

I jinxed it... Kinda of...

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