Topic: When is the 3DS update? Anyone know the date?

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Maybe Nintendo will be really nice and surprise us by launching the eShop early in May! (yeah right...)

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For Europe, probably on teh last or second to last friday, and for america probably on the last or second to last monday cuz they always update the DSiShop, and WiiWare shops on those days

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I'm hoping its the 2nd, or the 9th.

I don't think Nintendo has said any specific dates, but they have said it will be released in "late may." :3

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Late May 2012, because Nintendo likes to troll us.

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Never! It was just a slight translation error.
Originally Nintendo said the following: "In the end we may update the system. Oh sorry, i have to go, i'm late."
I don't know why people always mistake this for "We will have an update at the end of / in late May."...

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i dont even hope getting it before May 25th.
again, saying late may gives nintendo a chance towrap their deadline with security. it could be before, and it could be last day of may if they check everything up before launching the beast.

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As concerned as Nintendo is about 3DS sales, they need to get the ball rolling. I don't understand what the hold up is for. This urgent update should be released before May 30th.

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I can't wait for it any more! I want to play Virtual Console games, right now!

I want to play all of the Zelda games on 1 console!

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I'm probably going to download X-Scape [3D Space Tank?] and Zenonia to tide me over. Still thinking about it...

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Late May probably means the 23rd or the 30th, since NoA likes to release stuff on Mondays. Any earlier than that wouldn't really be "late" May. I'm not surprised, but somewhat saddened about the "late" may thing. This is pretty basic stuff, and I don't see why it wasn't ready at launch.

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i start to get irritated with this nonsense



I would love a virtual console adaption of festers quest

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I'm surprised Nintendo still hasn't announced pricing for the Gameboy games yet.
Anything more than 4 dollars each would be too much.
Hurry up with the update dangit my 3DS feels so empty without it.

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I get that we have to wait for the update but I just don't understand why they haven't announced it yet. The wait to hear about the "when" is driving me NUTS.

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MERG wrote:

I get that we have to wait for the update but I just don't understand why they haven't announced it yet. The wait to hear about the "when" is driving me NUTS.

I agree, the absence of an announced date makes me fear it will be pushed off to june or something

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As I said before, May 23rd would be the only day that makes sense to me as May 30 is a holiday. But wouldn't Nintendo want to make sure their faithful are ready with cash in hand?

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Its gonna be delayed and put back till early June - I just know it!


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