Topic: Whats the first thing you are going to do when you get the 3DS?

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Augmented reality.



Augmented Reality FTW!
Then a 3D photo, then go play something.

But I won't be doing that for a while as I'm waiting for the system.

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First off I'll thank God that I've been blessed to even have a 3DS in my hands at long last and then I'll try out the AR Cards and retire it to my dresser until Kid Icarus and Animal Crossing 3DS are released if I don't buy PilotWings Resort.

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At least no one said:
1) walk out store
2) have a friends start recording video
3) Unbox in front of crowd in line
4) smash it on the curb
5) post video online

I personally feel that it is a waste when people do that.



1) walk out store
2) have a friends start recording video
3) Unbox in front of crowd in line
4) smash it on the curb
5) post video online

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Lol, I'm gonna use the AR cards and then play steel diver or pilotwings resort

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1) Walk out of the store
2) Unbox it in front of the crowd still in line
3) Find the youngest child in line
4) Ask him/her if they want one
5) Violently curb stomp it in front of them with a evil smile on my face
6) Say it was the last one
7) Take a deep breath and...

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Take it home, plug it in to charge and then head off to the labs to do project work. Several hours I'll come home, hopefully get to fiddle around with everything for an hour.

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Get home, grab a soda, go in my room, and play it for the rest of the week.

wont be on here anymore


Well, because my local gamestop is very close, I will be walking back home right after I get my 3DS after midnight release.

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Turn it on.


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1. Thank my parents.
2. Charge it up.
3. Make my Mii.
4. Take some 3D photos.
5. Let my bro use it for a while (2 minutes or so).
6. Play Pilotwings Resort.
7. Check the AG games and other applications.
8. Play until my eyes hurt.



Play the AR games! They look so cool!

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Play it for 5 minutes get bored then put it away until the PSP2 is out and trade my 3DS for it

ok real answer is I'll be checking the VC and DSiware since I'll be getting my 3DS after May.

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I resent the fact that I'll never be able to afford one of these!

I own a old-school limited-edition blue N64. Hurrah!


I dunno. Probably play it for a while and then go do something else.



hold it

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